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Must have Watches for every Woman
Watches have been an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is much
more than ‘just another accessory’; it is an artifact that can last a lifetime. It
conveys a lot about the woman than just time. Every occasion demands a
different watch. One piece won’t go with every outfit. Read on to know the
different kinds of watches a woman should own.
1. A Classic Watch Every woman must own a classic piece which can
be worn anytime and anywhere. A Classic Leather Belt Watch with
roman numerals and a round dial is the foundation to a watch
2. The Casual Watch: This one is ideal when you want to sport shorts
or jeans. These are everyday watches. You can choose one which
comes with different belts to match your outfit. For an outing with
friends or a night at the town a casual watch is perfect to make you
look chic. Metal Strap or Leather Strap, you can experiment with
colors and designs for your Casual Watch.
3. A Dress Watch: An elegant timepiece is all you need for a formal
black tie affair. A slim-sleek dress watch makes your wrist the
cynosure of all eyes. These simple watches, without any
embellishments are worth your investment.