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Step 1
You Must Develop
Your Inner Game


Let me say this entire game deals with communication. Getting women into
bed is nothing more than how you communicate with them. If they like what
they "feel" when you're talking to them then they will spread their legs for you
the player.

Inner game is all about how you communicate to yourself. It deals in the realm
of the inner mind. So many guys who end up on the internet looking for
answers have such low self esteem as to be appalling. The amount of self-
degradation that goes on within this community is fascinating at best.

I can tell within seconds of reading a post by someone whether or not they
think highly of themselves or poorly. One dead giveaway is that guys with low
self-esteem often use the lower case "i" when referring to themselves instead
of, as I do, to always use the capitalized "I" whenever I am referring to myself.

Confidence is at an all time low amongst internet nerds. And, no wonder with
women rejecting them left and right. Your job is to bring your confidence to a
high level. Not so high that you have that fake narcissism that a lot of nerds
display. But a strong confident belief in oneself is what is needed here.

It was my powerful inner game that won me out over taller, better looking
players, who were my competition in my arena of the night club. My ability to
project a powerful confidence won me a ton of dates over other guys who were
my competition.

So how do you do that?

Let me continue.

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 33

I used to use the phrase that I took from Miki Royals epic book for pimps called
coincidentally, "The Pimp Game." This phrase went like this:

All whom I do not see when
I stand alone in front of a mirror
are beneath me!

Now this phrase led many of my students into the wrong level of confidence,
that it became stupid to keep on using it at the player level. This is another
example of how the pimps level can't be used for lower levels of the game
especially in square relationships.

Picture big headed nerds trying to act like little Napoleons. Uhh, No.

The player level is about being a bit more of a smooth type of character.

So to help you develop a series of exercises that will boost low self-esteem,
I created several self hypnosis programs, which are in your download package.

I want you to begin to use them, one at a time, for 21 days each night.

I know many of you guys want instant success, but that isn't what my program
is about. There is no way to become a real player in one day and a night.


Hopefully you are a winner and you have already went out and purchased a
notebook to do the exercises in. I like putting a label on the book to show my
subconscious mind it's true importance.

The main thing for a player is to have self confidence. Self confidence to women
is like the pied-piper was to rats. The main areas as a player that you need to
work on developing are:

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 34

1. Confidence
2. Ego
3. Attitude
4. Self Esteem.

Now let's talk about building your confidence first:

For this we are going to use a form of a system of thought or way of
approaching the problem called Transactional Analysis.

Transactional analysis, commonly known as TA to its
adherents, is an integrative approach to the theory of psychology
and psychotherapy. Integrative because it has elements of
psychoanalytic, Humanist and Cognitive approaches. It was
developed by Canadian-born Us psychiatrist Eric Berne during
the late 1950s.

When I was a kid a book called, "I'm Ok, You're Ok", came out that helped people
self-diagnose and fix themselves without the help of expensive therapy.

The lack of confidence, self-doubt, and low self-esteem stem from negative talk
within yourself. This negative talk was probably programmed into you as a child.
Yes, it could have been your parents or friends or role models that fucked you
up in your heads.

However that was then and there isn't a damn thing you can do to change that
now. But, now it is you who chooses to hold on to these messages. The good
news is that you can change this bad programming that you allowed up in your
head. What these are, are only negative belief systems that you have adopted.
Let me show you what I mean. Remember that saying that you had to clean off
your plate that was tied in with the starving children in Africa? Well even with
your commonsense going, you can often still hear that negative voice that says
crap like; you never finish what you start; or that you're always messing things
up; that you will never be much in your life...etc., etc. Yes that is how bad
programming seeps in. Check your own life and write in your workbook
all of the bad programming phrases that you currently hold on to.

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 35

One clue is the word that I have been using on you. Nerd. How many of you
just accepted this label and kept on rolling with it?

You see this bad childhood programming is your biggest obstacle to getting
anything that you want out of your own life. It can hold you back from
becoming all that you are capable of being in life.

Your goal is to hold on to what serves you and notice what doesn't work for
you. There are three important concepts that I want to introduce to you that
will help you control your feelings, thoughts and actions.

They are your inner-buster, your inner-player and your inner-spirit.

Your Inner Buster/child
A buster in the old terms was a childish acting wise guy that was emotional like
a kid. The urban dictionary has a bunch of definitions for a buster such as:

Buster: One who acts in a pejorative, disparaging, or obstructionist manner; one
who acts difficult for no reason.

When I hear the word buster, I think of the old 40's type of tough little street
kid with a bowler hat on, tilted downwards and a tough guy stance but whom is
really just a child inside.

And yes we still have a bit of the little buster in us and some have even more as
I am often told by women. I am told that your inner buster is responsible for
your feelings. Those feelings are mostly; mad, sad, glad, afraid, ashamed and
hurt. Ok, now when something happens to you either good or bad, guess what,
it is your inner buster that reacts.

The buster is in charge of your feelings. For example, if someone says a
negative thing to you and you react. The "lil" buster is feeling any of the
following; mad, sad, glad, afraid, ashamed and/or hurt - also the inner buster
can be feeling any combination, and any number of emotions.

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 36

In this instance, let's say you feel mad or sad and hurt. You could be feeling, mad
because it's not true. Sad because it was mean. Hurt because you trusted this
person. The inner buster in you feels this and reacts. It will act-out: pout, cry,
become depressed or act-out: say something in retort, yell, deliver a punch or
storm out like a bitch.

Your inner buster has not been programmed. This is the real you. So if you
want to know who you are and what you really want from and for yourself, start
talking and listening to your inner child. Ask what you're feeling and listen. This
will take some practice especially for nerds, but it's worth it.

Now let's look at the next type:

Your Inner Player/pimp/parent
The player (parent) in you is your director or the CEO. It serves as your guide,
your coach, your teacher, your protector and much more. It nourishes you,
but can and does abuse you. For example, when I was a sex addict I would just
like to just have sex instead of work - the inner buster in me wanted to play
with my women friends. However, I have to work in my personal training
business to earn money to pay my rent and other bills - So my inner player
would guide me and keep me on track.

Now, this is good up to a point. If that inner player inside is nagging, telling
me to spend all my time working with whining nagging clients then, this is
abusive. My pimp should, after a point say, "Let's take a break Supreme.
Let's play." This is nourishing. So, did your inner player/pimp/parent - that
little voice - learn to be nurturing or abusive? Basically are you self-abusive
or self-nurturing?

Think about this and write your answer in your workbook journal.

Your inner pimp/player learned or was programmed by your real parents and
other significant influences in your life. You will find that little voice mimicking

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 37

your real parents, teachers and other role models.

Self-doubt or lack of confidence is negative talk within you. It is coming from
the inner pimp sending up cautions, or it is just plain old berating you. How
many of you sit like a tool and listen to derogatory names and things that you
say to yourself? How many of you are even aware of what you say?

I want you to write down all of the derogatory names that you call yourself in
your workbook.

Here are a few of the negative things my parents put in my own head:
1. You will never be smart enough.
2. The older you get the stupider you get.
3. You're not light skinned enough to meet my dad son.
4. You're not tall enough.
5. You're evil.
6. You're a wench.
7. All men are dogs.
8. You will never be "nuthin" but shit.
9. Your older brother is way smarter than you will ever be.

And these are only a few that I can recall that I have been working on in
my life.

Now the question arises that, did your life influences mean to screw you up? Did
your parents mean to bring you down? Did those friends mean to destroy your

I say Hell NO! They, more than likely didn't know any better. Their parents

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 38

probably fucked them up and they just passed it down to you. They didn't mean
to negatively mess you up.

In my father's comment about not being light skinned enough to meet his white
and American Indian father was his own issues that he was dealing with that he
passed down to me whenever he came home after drinking.

In the case of being called Evil, I know that I was a hard child for my mother
to raise. I was always doing things in the middle position of my family to get
noticed. My parents didn't mean to fuck up my head. If I can understand mine,
and I also came from a physically abusive family, then you can also.

Our history is just that, our past. Unfortunately, the bullshit left some scars and
for sure some limitations, fears and debilitating beliefs.

So how do you get rid of the negative voice or any other baggage you're

1. First take note of what you're feeling. Believe me, this will take some
concentration. But try it. What are you feeling as you read this? Mad, sad,
glad, afraid, ashamed, hurt. Is this a good feeling for you?

2. Decide if that feeling serves you. If not, do you want to change that
negative voice? If yes, you must turn on your inner pimp which serves as
your coach, protector, guide and say, "Let's change the program. It's not
serving me. Inner Pimp (parent), make it happen."

Now your pimp/player/parent will probably say, "Well how am I going to do
that?" This is where you turn to your spirit.

Your soul or spirit

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 39

Brothers let me say that Your soul/spirit is your enabler. It is responsible
for your motivation, your creativity, your problem-solving capabilities,
your clairvoyance, and yes even nerds have intuition, your inspiration and
much more.

The soul/spirit kicks in when activated by you. It's called rallying your spirit. Do
you want in on a big secret? You've probably done it all your life. Some folks use
it with positive self-talk. My mother and others like her rallied themselves
through prayer. While others may use meditation to pull themselves up mentally.

Let me tell you it's all about calling out for help. Let me also tell you something,
if you ask yourself to change, your spirit will kick in and give you alternatives,
options and suggestions.

From there it can enable your inner pimp/player to start leading you in a new
direction. It will give you the insights to write a plan, or create the motivation to
act, or develop the inspiration on where to seek help. It's all there for the asking
and listening. Basically I am talking about tapping into your higher wisdom.

This is what I tell people in my motivational speaking messages with my
Toastmasters group. I tell them the truth of what caused them to join
Toastmasters. Their inner soul/spirit.

I believe that it is also your inner soul/spirit that caused you to seek me out.
Many of you belong to my forum at, I believe that
it was your inner soul/spirit seeking the right path and has bought you to my
site and thereby eventually my podcast shows and even to this book.

Ok, now let's go back to doing something about your got damned
negative voice.
I want you to ask yourself, "What can I do to become confident and live with a

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 40

positive voice?" You will get an answer.

Get out your workbook and write down the answers that come to you.

Now ask yourself, "How come I put myself down?" Stop and listen to yourself.
You will get an answer or an idea. You may get an instant answer or you may
have to give it some time. This is called the sleep-on-it principle. So if nothing
comes to you right away, keep your notebook by your bedside at night. It will
come to you. It is this method that I did many years ago to help boost my self-
esteem to the level of a pimps or supreme player of women.

Let me show you how you have been using this type of behavior underneath
your decision making subconsciously or unconsciously all of your lives.

Let's look at getting a job.

Ok, your inner buster wants the benefits of money. Your inner Player or Pimp
will say, "I need a job." So what happens next? You talked to yourself (inner
spirit) and you asked, "What will I do?" or "Where will I work?" Somewhere
along the line, inspiration came (spirit) to your inner pimp/player/parent which
directs you where to look, what to do and whom to call. Boom, shortly later on
you get a job. It really is that simple when you become aware of the process
that goes on inside of ourselves.

While writing this manual, there were many moments when my inner buster
said, "I don't want to write now. I would rather play when my grandson who
came over along with my son and his girlfriend". My pimp was saying, "You've
got to do it". So my inner buster cried out to the spirit, "How am I going to do
this?" My inner pimp says, "Sit yo ass down and start writing." Next thing I
know I was back at my laptop writing and information was flowing. I looked up

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7 Steps To Becoming A Player 41

and I have 20 pages before I know it. I'm smiling now knowing that this manual
is going to help out a lot of guys!

Getting yourself ready in preparation.

It is your responsibility to make yourself confident. You can rally your spirit and
get your inner pimp to work for and support you. However, you have to tell
yourself that you want it and believe it.

If you have issues and don't believe you can become whatever you want to be
ask yourself, "Why?

Get out your notebook and write it down.

Ask yourself, what was programmed in you that makes you believe that you
can't take the initiative and be confident that you can do it? Hint this works well
with your fear of approaching!

Ask yourself next how come you can be confident in other situations and do
things for other people?"

Make sure you write your answers down.
Self discovery is a powerful tool.

If you ask yourself for what you want, you'll get answers on how to get it, if you
listen that is. You may not like what you hear and you may not want to expend
the effort required, but brothers you will get answers, plans, solutions, etc. for
you to act on, trust me and put it to work.

Copyright (c) 2009 Chris Arnett, Aka, Player Supreme