Myths About Electronic Cigarettes

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Busting Myths About
Electronic Cigarettes and Nicotine
Electronic cigarettes don't contain nicotine. Not true at all, of course. The whole
pint about electric cigarettes is that they do contain nicotine. They're intended to
perform the same function as nicotine patches and gum, both of which also contain
the drug. Only the e cigarette is deliberately modelled to give the smoker
something that he or she recognises as a nicotine delivery device. Think of yours as
a way to get nicotine without killing yourself to do it.
Nicotine is only addictive if you smoke for a few months/years. Actually nicotine is
thought to be more addictive than heroin. The withdrawal symptoms are
physiologically savage and can include blurred vision, hallucinations, anxiety and
changes in personality. Electronic cigarettes are designed to sidestep these side
effects neatly. Use electric cigarettes to give yourself a chance to come off nicotine
for good.
Nicotine itself is not bad for you - it's just the other stuff in cigarette smoke that
kills you. Half true, half not. The reason that tobacco cigarettes are so unbelievably

bad for you is the other stuff that you breathe in when you smoke them - including
formaldehyde and cyanide. Therefore one of the best things about electronic
cigarettes is that you can inhale nicotine without all the really evil stuff in tobacco
smoke. That said, nicotine itself is poisonous and can be fatal in its own right. A
fatal dose of nicotine is thought to be around 200 cigarettes at once. Babies,
though, can be seriously injured or killed by ingesting nicotine. Always keep your
electric cigarettes well away from children.
Electronic cigarettes are advertised to attract children. Nonsense. No one
advertises nicotine patches or gum to attract children and they don't advertise
electric cigarettes like that either. The e cigarette is marketed as exactly what it is: a
replacement therapy for nicotine addicts. There has been some lobbying against
the e cigarette as a potential source of unlooked for nicotine addiction in people
who aren't hooked already. The Royal College of Physicians, though, has approved
the idea of the electronic cigarette as good competition in the nicotine
replacement therapy market.
Nicotine makes your clothes smell. Tobacco is actually treated with tons of lipids,
animal fats and other weird and wonderful substances that are often used in the
perfume industry. What actually makes your clothes smell is the smoke itself, which

smells like all smoke: burned. Hence the similarity between the odour of a bonfire
and that of a cigarette. Your electronic cigarettes do not make your clothes smell at
Electric cigarettes could be sold to children. Technically they could but in effect they
are very unlikely to be sold to kids. First of all, the starter pack for an ecig costs a
minimum of 30 - hardly the kind of money a child is going to have lying around to
spend on experimenting with things it has been told not to do. And second,
legislation is under discussion, which will make it illegal to sell electronic cigarettes
to minors.
The E-Liquid capsule doesn't last very long. Not true at all. The capsule provided
with most electric cigarettes is good for around 40 normal cigarettes - and the
battery can be charged from multiple power sources, which means that the device
should always be ready for use. You can charge your electronic cigarettes wherever
and whenever you want, for up to 8 hours.

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