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Tips for great nails
Clean nd shiny nails ar imprtnt t lok well-groomed. The health f yur nails i oftn
ignred a compared t othr body prts. Though women mght g fr th manicure nd
pedicure, nails ar nt completely tken care f n thi regime. Yes, fr havng healthy nails, yu
nd t care fr thm nd tke fw precautions. Here ar som tips, fol wng whch yu cn
dfnitely hve healthy nails.
Healthy Nail Tips
Keep thm Hydrated
Firstly kp yur nails bare fr th maximum duration. Most women kp applying nail
polish t hv beautiful lokng nails. Let m tl yu tht keeping yur nails constantly
covered wth nail polish i vry unhealthy fr them? This cn strip ff th moisture, shine
nd mk thm dry. You mut try t us acetone-free nail polish only. Also apply th only
n special occasions r whn essential. Apply petroleum jel y t kep yur nails hydrated
nd shiny. You cn al apply natural oils n yur nails befre gng t bed. One f th
healthy nails tips i usng castor oil. Most importantly drink plenty f water.
Keep thm Clean
Most f th nail disorders arise due t
unclean nails nd lack f hygiene. Wet nails
nd dirt col ected undr th nail tips nd
border cn furthr lead t bacteria. You mut
regularly file thm wth fine textured filer.
Also clean th cuticles nd are belw th
tips nd corners. Keeping yur nails short i
god. If yu lk growing them, tkng care f
thm nd keeping thm clean i nt n
option. Make sur yur shoes nd socks ar nt sweaty nd wet. You cn wear alternate
shoe pairs everyday. Cotton socks ar th bst on t g fr.
Protect Them
Remember yur nails ar delicate nd ar nt t b ued a tools. We oftn ue our nails
t opn lids, stapler pins, scratch nd fr mny othr tasks. Strictly avoid dong thi if
yu wnt t hve gd lokng nd healthy nails. Also, wear rightly fitting shoes t
protect yur nails. Often, vry tight fitting shoes lead t nail problms nd cuse pain n
yur nails nd toes. Keeping thm short wl alo prevent breakage. Wearing rubber
gloves whle yu perform housework i on f th bet healthy nails tips. Stop th habit
f nail biting.
Healthy Nails Nutrition
While yu readily eat foods tht ar gd fr yur health, skin r hair, nails ar n
exception. These to ned sme nutrients fr proper growth nd stay prblem free.
Include apples, cucumbers, eggs, garlic, grapes, nuts, onions, soy, salmon nd whol
grains n yur diet. Foods contaning zinc, protein nd calcium ar essential fr healthy
nail growth. Vitamin A, B, C, D nd E ar essential vitamins fr healthy nails.

Follow Nail Care Routine
Here's simple nail care regime wth easy nail care tips tht yu cn fol ow t ensure
bt loking nails. After tkng bath, dry yur nails completely. Make sur th innr
corners ar al throughly dried ff. Apply nourishing cuticle cream twce week nd
clean it aftr 20 minutes. One f th bet healthy nails tips t b fl owd i buffing yur
nails onc week properly t remove dirt, mke thm evn s a t improve blood
circulation. Soak yur fingernails nd toe nails n solution f diluted vinegar onc
week. Give yurelf manicure nd pedicure t home t throughly clean th nails onc
Fol owing th aforementioned tips wl dfnitely hlp yu hv healthy nails. Remember
t visit doctor a son a yu se irregular
growth f nails, pus formation r experience
pain n th nail bed. Ignorance cn lead t
major nail disorders lk nail fungus r
toenail fungus, whch mght tk days t
cure. Also, alway ue god quality nail care
products lik creams nd nail polish. Believe
me, bare nails lok evn btter thn the
graced wth nail art, if wel -groomed nd

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