Nails Art

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Nails Art
Nails art, the practice of painting decorative
designs on your fingernails, is a fun way to
brighten up your everyday look or accessorize a
special occasion outfit. There are a variety of
designs available, ranging from subtle and
understated to funky and outrageous. For
example, you could choose to paint flowers on
your nails for a date or spell out the name of your
favorite athletic team on the day of the big game.
While the more intricate designs are best left to a
professional, it's possible to create simple nail art
at home.

Nails Art Designs
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Nails Art Supplies
The key to any successful nail design is starting with clean and well-shaped nails. Nails
should be neatly trimmed and filed before painting. Even the most accomplished
artist can't create an attractive design on nails that have been bitten down to stubs. If
your natural nails are beyond repair, consider applying artificial acrylic nails before
painting your design.