Narendra Modi Political Life in a Book The Namo Story

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Narendra Modi Political Life in a Book The Namo Story
One of the truly enigmatic personalities on the contemporary Indian political canvas, Narendra
Damodardas Modi is difficult to ignore. From his humble beginnings as a RSS pracharak to his rise in the
Hindutva ranks, and from being Bharatiya Janata Party's master planner to one of the its most popular
and controversial state chief ministers, Modi's mantra of change and development is gradually finding
many takers.
Though he evokes vastly different reactions
among the citizens for his alleged role during
the Godhra aftermath, what is absolutely
clear is that he indeed is racing towards the
centre stage, making the 2014 General
Elections look more like a Presidential system
- where, you either vote for him or against
him. And that, as they say, is the Modi effect.
Kingshuk Nag paints the most vivid portrait
of the extraordinary politician who is poised
to take on a new role in the coming years.
The saga of Narendra Damodardas Modi is
the story of how money, religion, beliefs and
rising aspirations combined to change the
course of Indian politics and economy in the
last twenty years.'
`But what kind of a prime minister will
Narendra Modi make? ?Considering that
Modi has been chief minister of one state,
even if for three terms, there are no easy
answers to that question. ... But one thing is
clear: Narendra Modi will provide a complete
contrast to Manmohan Singh. Quiet, virtually
silent, Manmohan Singh, shares with Modi a rural background, but has read at top universities of the
world and had huge international exposure as finance minister, governor of RBI, and finance secretary
to the Government of India. Modi does not have the benefit of all this experience. But unlike
Manmohan, Modi is a dyed-in-the-wool politician. Also unlike Manmohan, whose image is that of a
prime minister continually making compromises, Modi is voluble and firm.'