Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

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Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

The manner in which hemorrhoids cause you pain and discomfort may vary from the mildest
to the most severe, and thus hemorrhoid remedies should also be commensurate to the
seriousness of the case. They should be used with prior knowledge and consultation with
those who know best.

In mild cases of external hemorrhoids like those caused by occasional constipation and
change in diet or intake of water, the natural hemorrhoid remedies would be the use of
glycerin-based suppositories and healing ointments. These substances lubricate the opening
and passageway of stool for ease in defecation or bowel movement.

Other remedies would be to prescribe a change in diet towards more healthy eating habits
like having more fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber food along with more water intake.
Too much starch-producing food which causes gas and bloating will in turn be avoided to
avoid stomach upsets and digestive problems.

For moderate cases of hemorrhoids wherein there is not only a swelling of rectal veins
externally and internally but also some mild and occasional anal bleeding, specific healing
ointments would also be effective hemorrhoid remedies.

This would be combined with a warm Sitz bath wherein the patient sits in a bathtub or basin
of warm water and soaks the bottom for a specified period of time of around 5 to 10 minutes
daily until the symptoms are relieved. The water should not be too hot, or else it dries the
skin and causes it to crack or get irritated, further aggravating the problem.

It can also be exchanged for cold compress over the hemorrhoids before sleeping at night.
This helps swollen, protruding veins to contract and return to normal size.

Whether mild, moderate, or severe in degree, all hemorrhoid remedies should first be
consulted with and cleared by a doctor especially among pregnant women, those who are
nursing, and those who presently have inherited or acquired diseases they are recovering

Some popular methods these days are the use of aromatic extracts like rosewood, aloe, and
witch hazel as herbal applications which reduce inflammation or swelling and remove pruritus
or itching. Other alternatives are the juice of naturally-occurring food like garlic, ginger,
radish, and banana. Lime and mint also have soothing effects when mixed with water or with

It can never be emphasized enough that these natural hemorrhoid remedies should first be
consulted with a doctor, though, for allergies or contraindications to their effect on the skin
and glands. Steroid foams should also first be tested and cleared for use before actual


Hypoallergenic, non-scented wipes are always preferred over those with natural oils and
extracts. Mild soap and water will always be naturally cleansing.

The most radical but essential of all hemorrhoid remedies would be to go for surgery. For
hemorrhoids which are recurrent, painful, and obstructive to normal functions like work and
sleep, surgery would be the last possible option after extensive studies and home treatments.

Hemorrhoids can be excised and removed using scalpel method or hemorrhoidectomy
operations. They can now also be vaporized or atomized into minute particles using laser
surgery at its most advanced for a pain-free, long-term remedy against the hemorrhoid

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