Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

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Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

Bioflavonoids are the natural pigments found in fruits and vegetables. There are numerous
health benefits that some claim a person can receive from these pigments. One such benefit
is that they act as a natural hemorrhoids treatment. Though there have been no reports that
have confirmed that claim firmly, that has not stopped many nutritionists from recommending
bioflavonoids for those seeking a natural hemorrhoids treatment.

The most highly known bioflavonoids are the yellow pigments found in many citrus fruits.
Some researchers claim that it is this yellow pigment that can help maintain the blood
vessels in the body. By maintaining the integrity of the blood vessels in the body hemorrhoids
are less likely to occur or to be severe. Many using the bioflavonoids in citrus fruits as a
natural hemorrhoids treatment have also reported reduced discomfort and discharge while
treating their hemorrhoids.

Research has shown that bioflavonoids and vitamin C are found in many of the same foods.
Vitamin C is already known to help boost immune systems and speed a body's natural
healing. When choosing a natural hemorrhoid treatment you may want to look for foods that
are high in vitamin C to help your body heal. Research has shown that often the body
metabolizes vitamin C and most bioflavonoids in the same way, and that they often work
together to provide the immune boosting effects. This combination can be good for those with
weakened immune systems who still want a natural hemorrhoids treatment.

There are hundreds of various types of bioflavonoids found in fruits and vegetables.
Research is still limited on the healing properties of these pigments and not much is known
about all of them. One bioflavonoid that is well known as a natural hemorrhoids treatment is
rutin. Rutin is found in darker colored fruits such as cherries, blackberries, plums, and dark
leafy green vegetables. It can also be found in the citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges,
as well as in some wheat and plant products. While most foods contain a minimal amount of
rutin in them, and may require you to take an additional supplement, there are a few plants
that naturally contain high amounts in them. For those who truly want a natural hemorrhoids
treatment pansy flowers, violets, and mulberry leaves all are high in rutin.

To add more bioflavonoids to your body you should attempt to eat as many fruits and
vegetables as you can. Adding these foods to your every day diet will allow you to get the
best health benefits for your natural hemorrhoids treatment. A diet rich in fruits and
vegetables will also help you to be healthier in general, which may reduce your chances of
suffering with hemorrhoids again. You can also buy supplemental bioflavonoids at most
health food stores. Taking between 30 to 60 mg of bioflavonoid supplements each day can
give a quick and effective boost. Some studies have shown that pregnant women who added
this natural hemorrhoids treatment to their diets found relief soon after and lessened
hemorrhoids within four days. When using a supplement, however, you should always check
the dosage suggested on the packaging before taking any amount.

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