Natural Herbal Remedies For Male Impotence Treatment

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Natural Herbal Remedies For Male
Impotence Treatment
Male impotence is a condition that can be addressed with the help of
effective herbal remedies. It is also recommended that men taking such
treatment should also consider including the suitable diet for male
impotence treatment. When they do this, they can achieve the intended
benefits without any side effects. But, what are the natural herbal remedies
for male impotence. Yes, men can take 4T Plus capsules internally and
they can use Mast Mood oil for external application to get relieved of their
erectile issue. After continuous use of these products, they will experience
longer and stronger erection than ever before.
Foods to be
taken: When
talking about
diet for male
treatment, they
can include the
following foods
to their diet to
get out of their
problem with
1. Leafy greens and beets
2. Dark chocolate
3. Pista
4. Oysters and other shell-fish
5. Watermelon
6. Tomatoes and pink grapefruits.

So, what causes these
foods effective when it
comes to diet for male
impotence treatment.
These foods are known
to be effective because
of the healthy contents
found in them. For
instance, leafy greens
and beets have
nitrates, while dark
chocolates are known
for their flavonoids.
Likewise, herbal
remedies mentioned earlier, namely; 4T Plus capsules and Mast Mood
oil are stated as effective natural herbal remedies for male
impotence, mainly because of the effective ingredients found in them. Here
are the details about the ingredients found in these remedies:
Ingredients in 4T Plus Capsule: This capsule has many ingredients. But,
here are the details about the main ingredients present:
Kaunch: This herb, which is scientifically called as Mucuna Pruriens, is
known to be effective in curing sexual disorders and it can bring about the
following benefits:
1. It is known to increase sex drive and stamina in men
2. It can act as a restorative nutrient for the nervous system
3. It can effectively take care of anxiety and stress, which are stated as
important reasons for male impotence
4. It can support towards healthy production of testosterone, which can
contribute towards sex drive in men.
5. It can be effective in toning the sexual glands

6. Importantly it can increase the flow of blood to genital organs in men.
Vidarikand: This is an effective rejuvenating tonic and it is specially meant
for ensuring the healthy reproductive system not only in men, but also in
women as well. It is has strengthening properties and it can bring the
following benefits:
1. It can act as rejuvenator
2. It can bring about a natural increase in the weight for men suffering with
underweight issue
3. It can contribute towards improving complexion
4. It can also be beneficial for throat
5. Of course, it can increase sperm count in men, thereby forming an
important part in the natural herbal remedies for male impotence.
Ingredients of Mast Mood oil: This natural oil, which meant for external
application in the penile area, has effective natural ingredients like
ashwagandha, javitri, sona patha, jawadi kasturi, samudra phal, nirgundi,
tulsi, kapur, jaiphal, dalchini and buleylu oil.
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