NC/DC Logo Designs

Text-only Preview

I like the orange and blue simply
because I think they compliment
each other well, but the blue and
white is clean and accomplishes
the same purpose.
I went with a logo design
because I thought most others
would do something with a music
graphic (guitar, microphone,
boombox). I felt it was a di erent
way to approach the event. It
would force people to ask what
the logo was for, and get people to
talk about NCDC . NCDC may
grow to have a recognizable logo
someday, so I thought this could
be an idea.

The graphic can be
changed to any color, but I
think it looks best with a
neon pink, blue or green.

Let it out - NCDC 2012
this is a 1-sided design--if
possible to get a 2-sided
shirt, I would put the
image on the back of the
shirt and move up the
type and get rid of the