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NDA Books
NDA Books
NDA is an exam that is given to get a job in these three Indian Defence areas of Army, Navy
and Air Force. To prepare for this exam candidates needs NDA Books. The syl abus of al the
subjects that has been asked in the exam is covered in these various Books for NDA. This
exam contains two papers; both the papers are organized on the same day.
The first paper is of 300 marks that contains questions from Mathematics. To study Maths, we
are offering you the information of National Defence Academy Books of Maths. The second
paper is of General Ability Test which is again of two parts, In part A, 200 questions have been
asked from English subject, which you can study from the NDA Books of English.
NDA Text Books for General Knowledge :- Students can have a great plan for their career
in the different wings of NDA named Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. General Knowledge
books for NDA provide the knowledge about the chapters and the questions that are general y
asked in the examination. To get admission in different wings of NDA, candidates need to first
qualify the entrance examination of NDA. Then they will be al owed to appear in the interview
process. The NDA books for General Knowledge will help the candidates in getting the
knowledge of the current affairs and the related questions that wil come in the examination.
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The interview process is more difficult than the written examination. There are two sets of the
written examination, for the first part the mathematics needs a strong knowledge while for the
second set includes the subjects PCM, History and Geography including the general
knowledge. The General Knowledge books for NDA will provide the concepts of all these
subjects for the preparation of the entrance examination.
The information of the NDA books for General Knowledge can be col ected from the portal of
exam edurite where the candidates wil get to know about the different competitive exams also
along with the information of NDA General Knowledge books. Candidates can have their
better preparation with the help of General Knowledge books for NDA. Books always play an
important role in cracking the exam of NDA.
NDA Books for English :- NDA exam is conducted by the conducted by the UPSC (Union
Public Service Commission) for the National Defence Academy. NDA English books are
helpful for the candidates appearing for this exam as it includes questions from English, Maths
and General Ability Test. Detailed information regarding the subtopics that have been asked
under these papers can be obtained from NDA.
The marks distribution for these papers is as follows: 300 questions from Maths, 200 from
English and 400 from General Ability Test. This General Ability further includes 6 sub-sections
which has question from Physics, Geography, General Knowledge etc. Information of Books
for al these subjects can be obtained from out portal like that of NDA books for English.
This subject is included under this exam to test the English language understanding of the
candidates, like their vocabulary, comprehension, sentence framing, Word substitution,
Sentence Correction, Reading and Analytical Skil s etc. English books for NDA cover all these
topics in a very presentable and interesting way.
English is must to expertise as it wil not just help you in this exam but also in other
competitive exams, and to learn it NDA books for English are proves to be a good choice.
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