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Nefertiti NeckLift - Non Surgical Solutions to Anti-ageing Process
at Harley Street Skin Clinic
Many Factors including weight gain and ageing can affect
how your skin loses elasticity and becomes loose. This is
something quite obvious around the jawline and neck,
which alters facial expressions and can leave people
feeling very self-conscious about the way they look, which
is why many then turn to Necktite at Harley Street Skin
Clinic London.
The Procedure: Simply removing fat can leave the skin
loose and floppy. Solving this problem, Neckitite
treatment is the only procedure available at the moment which performs fat reduction whilst also tightening and firming
loose skin under the chin and jowls.
After a local anaesthetic injection, a tiny incision is made
just below each ear lobe and under the chin. Through
these incisions, local anaesthetic is injected into the jowls
and neck tissue. Once the area is numb the Necktite
handheld device is inserted under the skin. The heat that
is introduced under the skin breaks down fat cells, they
are melted and aspirated. The hand piece also boosts
collagen for the overall skin tightening. A Steri strip is
applied to the tiny incisions.
It is minimally invasive and performed under local
anaesthetic and is seen as a more gentle and safer approach to liposuction. The treatment is specifically designed to treat
the neck without causing any damage to any of the delicate areas nearby and reducing the turkey neck appearance that
liposuction can leave behind. It also reduces the fat and tightens the skin around the jaw line and jowls.
After The Treatment
Following the treatment, you will be required to wear compression garments for three-five days, but as Necktite is
minimally invasive and carried out under local anaesthetic, you’ll be able to resume your normal routine within a day.
You may also experience some levels of bruising and swelling which can last between seven-ten days.
Results: The treatment is a one-off and results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable between six to
twenty-four weeks post procedure. You’ll be left with firmer, tighter skin around the neck, which also lifts the face and
give you a visibly younger appearance.
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