Negative Correlation

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Negative Correlation
Negative Correlation
A relationship between two variables in which one variable increases as the other decreases,
and vice versa.
In statistics, a perfect negative correlation is represented by the value -1.00, while a 0.00
indicates no correlation and a +1.00 indicates a perfect positive correlation.
A perfect negative correlation means that the relationship that appears to exist between two
variables is negative 100% of the time. It is also possible that two variables may be negatively
correlated in some, but not al , cases.
The correlation in opposite direction is cal ed negative correlation, if one variable is increase
other is decrease and vice versa,
for example, the volume of gas wil decrease as the pressure increase or the demand of a
particular commodity is increase as price of such commodity is decrease.
Negative correlation occurs when the two variables of a function move in opposite directions.
Look at the linear function in the picture.
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As the values of x increase, the values of y decrease. Moving from left to right, trace the line
with your finger. Notice how the line decreases.
In a negative correlation, as the values of one of the variables increase, the values of the
second variable decrease.
Likewise, as the value of one of the variables decreases, the value of the other variable
This is still a correlation. It is like an "inverse" correlation. The word "negative" is a label that
hows the direction of the correlation.
There is a negative correlation between TV viewing and class grades-students who spend
more time watching TV tend to have lower grades (or phrased as students with higher grades
tend to spend less time watching TV).
Here are some other examples of negative correlations:
1. Education and years in jail-people who have more years of education tend to have fewer
years in jail (or phrased as people with more years in jail tend to have fewer years of
2. Crying and being held-among babies, those who are held more tend to cry less (or phrased
as babies who are held less tend to cry more)
We can also plot the grades and TV viewing data, shown in the table below. The scatterplot
below shows the sample data from the table.
The line on the scatterplot shows what a negative correlation looks like. Any negative
correlation wil have a line with that direction.
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A negative correlation is when you compare 2 sets of data on a line graph (e.g. scores in a
French test and scores in an English test), the higher one thing is, the lower the other is (e.g.
someone might score 98% on the French test but only 12% on the English test (or visa
A positive correlation is the other way around. A weak correlation is when there is a lot of
deviation from the line of best fit (there wil always be one with correlations as a line of best fit
shows correlations after al ) whereas with a strong correlation, there is little deviation.
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