Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners Launches New Website for Carpet Cleaning Woodbridge Virginia and Surrounding Prince William County Virginia Area

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Neighborhood Carpt Cleaners Launches New Website for Carpet Cleaning
Woodbridge Virginia and Surrounding Prince William County Virginia Area
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners Offers Professional Carpet Cleaning in Woodbridge Virginia and
surrounding Prince William County Virginia area. Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners just invested a
ton of money into a new website to help educate about the carpet cleaning process.
Woodbridge, VA (USA), October 20th, 2017 -- Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners is a Woodbridge, Virginia
based cleaning services company that offers professional carpet and house cleaning services for residential
and commercial clients. In addition, the company deep cleans rugs, upholstery, mat tresses, air ducts, and
tile and grout. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used for all jobs.
What separates Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners from other cleaning companies are that all of their services
are affordable, offered at fixed rates with no hidden charges, and has 24/7 on call support. Moreover, the
company is locally owned and founded by a Veteran. They have extensive experience in all areas and are
trained, certified, and insured.
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners mainly specialises in domestic and commercial carpet cleaning. The company
also carries out upholstery cleaning and rug and tile and grout restoration. Unlike other firms, the company
uses natural and environmentally friendly detergents, which contain no harmful chemicals that will damage
clients’ carpets. All cleaning products used by Neighborhood Carpet C leaners contain pure essential natura l
oils, are organic, and endorsed by the Asthma Foundation. The detergents are both pet and child safe and
very effective in removing dust mites from mattresses, upholstery, and carpets.
For every carpet cleaning job, Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners uses state-of-the-art cleaning equip ment that
is many times as powerful as household vacuum cleaners and produces a deeper c lean and faster drying
times. The company’s professional staff uses hot water extraction as a method for carpet cleaning where the
clients’ carpet gets sprayed with h ot or steamed water. The hot water then gets vacuumed up collecting all
the dirt and germs, leaving the clients’ carpet thoroughly cleaned.
In addition, Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners offers daily, weekly, and bi-weekly house cleaning services
whereby the company helps clients clean all the rooms of the house for as long as the homeowner wants the
service. Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners can d o a thorough clean of clients ’ homes including bathrooms,
bedrooms, sitting rooms, and kitchen.
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners professional and thorough approach has earned them many 1 00's of positive
reviews. See for your self on
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners motto - The most thorough cleaing you've ever had or pay nothing! Give
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners a call for you next job in Prince William County Virginia.
Press & Media Contact:
Mark Daniels
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners
P.O. Box 33,
Woodbridge, VA 22193 - USA
+1 703-844-3287