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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of courses on local marketing. If you want to start making
money by helping local businesses get more exposure online, how do you know which course you
should go with? Or do you even need to get a course?

Well if you are the "experimenter" type of person you might not need any course. Just figure out
what internet marketing skills you have and offer those to local businesses. If you are a website
designer, then make an official company site for someone. If you are a writer then put together a
simple blog with a lot of good content that will rank well and get customers. Or if you are good at
social media, video marketing, or something else just start approaching businesses and see if they
are interested in your help.

If you want some step-by-step help though there are lots of good courses. Mobile Local Fusion
and Mobile Money Machines are two of the top products when it comes to mobile marketing if you
are interested in that.

If you are just starting out then you might want to check out Power3Marketing, it is really basic and
shows you how to make simple (and kinda ugly) websites for businesses that don't look so great,
but they bring in new customers.

Net Space Profits is another popular course that gets re-released every once in a while. The
newest version is Net Space Profits 3.0 which is even better and helps improve upon some of the
faults of earlier versions.

Net Space Profits is very newbie-friendly and focuses on teaching you how to set up a sort of
database, which is basically just one large website with a lot of separate subdomains or pages.
These pages each serve as "spaces" that you can optimize for different keywords and rent out to
local businesses for $300 or so each month.

In my experience, $300 a month is a bit on the high end for just one page, but even if you charge
1/3 of that you can make a lot of money because it is really easy to create tons of these spaces.

In older versions it was a little more difficult to get these single pages to rank well, but the new
version improves on a lot of things, including how to get these spaces to perform better and how to
get more clients without ever calling anyone.

There are a lot of courses on local marketing, and I don't really think there is a "best" option. Net
Space Profits 3.0 is a good choice since it is easy to create hundreds of these spaces if you really

want to, but there are plenty of other options too.

Again, just figure out what your strengths are-social media, website design, writing or anything
else- and then offer your services to local businesses. If you want, you can visit my website for a
detailed Net Space Profits 3.0 review and more tips on how to get clients and make money helping
small businesses.

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How The Net Space Profits System Works ! Check This Link Now!

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