Network + 6th Edition Chapter 1 Review

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Network+ Guide to Networks, 6th Edition

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Network+ Guide to Networks, 6th Edition

Chapter 1 Solution

Review Questions

1. Which of the following is an advantage of using a client/server network over
using a peer-to-peer network?
A. A client/server network is simpler to set up.

2. What is the primary function of a file server on a network?

d. It manages access and use of shared applications and data.
3. Suppose you wanted to share documents among several computers in your
household in a peer-to-peer fashion. You could do that by properly configuring which of
the following types of software?

d. operating system software.
4. The first services widely used by networks were:

d. File and print services.
5. On a client/server network, clients and servers usually require what to

a. A connectivity device.
6. Your colleague, in describing the benefits of a client/server network, mentions that
it's more scalable than a peer-to-peer network. What does she mean by this?

a. The client/server network can be more easily expanded.
7. In which of the following would a WAN be most appropriate?

b. A global hotel chain connecting its reservation desks to a central

call center.
8. Which of the following refers to the combination of voice (such as telephone),
video, and data signals sent over the same network.

c. Convergence
9. In networking, what does a packet refer to?

b. A unit of data.
10. How can a server distinguish between many clients on a network?

a. Each client is identified by a unique network address.

Network+ Guide to Networks, 6th Edition

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11. What device connects a client computer to a network's medium, such as a wire?

d. Network Interface Card.
12. What elements of a network ensure that data arrive at their intended destination in the
correct sequence?
c. Protocol
13. The physical layout of nodes on a network is known as the networks:

a. Topology
14. Which of the following is an example of mail service?

c. exchanging messages between mail servers on different
15. Which of the following network topologies is most common on today's networks?

c. Star
16. Security is a concern when using remote access servers on a network because:

a. Access servers enable computers to connect to a network and
obtain access to its resources, thereby exposing the network to the
outside world.
17. Which of the following is an example of asset management on a client/server

d. Determining how many handheld computers are in a company's

18. Distributing data transfer activity equally over several devices or components
belongs to which category of network management services?

b. load balancing
19. Apache is a popular example of what type of networking software?

b. webserver
20. What organization sponsors the CCNA and CCIE certifications?

a. Cisco