New 2012 Boards by Hyperlite

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Hyperlite Wakeboards 2012

written by: Lindsay Pietroluongo

Hyperlite has released a brand new line of wakeboards for 2012. The
2012 line includes the subsequent wakeboard models: Marek and
Murray Novas, the Marek and Murray Bios, Process, union, Bside,
Franchise, Clash, Premier, Tribute, Vigilante, Forefront, State, Syn, Blur, Jade, Eden, Condition
125, JR Motive and the JR Divine. These cutting edge designs introduce refreshing features and
forms that trendsetting wakeboarders will flock to. Explore the notable wakeboard series in
Hyperlite's 2012 collection.

Wakeboarders and water sports activities retailers will want to know all about the new hyperlite
wakeboards. Hyperlite has even introduced an fully new wakeboard shape in the Marek Nova. The
volume of the traditional Marek board has been lowered by 15% and the pounds of the board is
lighter than previous Marek models. Base features are more mellow than past models as well,
allowing wakeboarders a faster release off the wake and more time to perform a trick. The Murray
series of Hyperlite wakeboards combine professional wakeboarding features with an easy-to-use
design. Now any wakeboarder can enjoy the same boards that pros use and possibly even
improve their wakeboarding skills. The shape of the Murray boards promote speed, optimum water
flow and soft landings.

The un series of wakeboards for Hyperlite are both functional and flexible. The Crossover Core
that's used in the un wakeboards have E-Core and Nova materials, which gives the lightexcess
weight board high sturdiness. Thanks to the 360-degree ABS sidewall, this board has extreme
impact protection. The Sintered Enduro base has some of the best surface protection on the
market. The Strata Mounting system lets wakeboarders regulate their stance while riding.

The Vigilante board is perfect for wakeboarders who like to beat on their boards in the hope of
perfecting new tricks. The Vigilante is one of the lowest priced hyperlite wakeboards, which implies
that boarders can abuse their board and Trade it in for a new one devoid of spending too much. If
you're not one to get attached to your wakeboard, the Vigilante may be the best option. You can
even remove the fins of this board for a boat-driven session on the drinking water.

The Forefront boards are ideal for riders who are always looking to transform and improve their
riding skills. The top deck of the board has the first-ever footbed riser on the toe side. This allows a
faster response time when executing a toe side carve because you'll need less pressure to hold
into the wake. The base of this board also allows for better manage than before. The Forefront
series has removable fins on both the heel side and the toe side. An extra set of fins is included so

that you can swap them out once you've mastered toe side control.

Riders of all levels will be able to ride smoothly on the State 125 board. The form of the board can
make it basic to learn no matter how experienced a rider you are or what type of riding style you

The Hyperlite 2012 line of wakeboards is now becoming sold All wakeboards are available on the
brand's website,

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