New Market Explored by Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Enthusiasts…the Group Home or Personal Care Arena?

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new market explored by real
Personal care industry and the group home have garnered some new companies. Real estate
brokers, agents, and investment enthusiasts have started to take a serious second look at their
marketing strategies and have reached deep down in their inventory of properties looking for new
business opportunities.
Many are seeking guidance from the experts in this quite specialized personal care business with
increasing demands. Nursing and Behavioral Health Services (NBHS) has
helped many from the real estate industry with licensing of a plethora of personal care homes.
The merging of those two sectors will give you boundless business opportunities while targeting
quality health care for the aged and those which have special needs.
"I was knee deep into buying and selling houses, but once I recognized that I was able to license
and renovate them for the personal care marketplace and get a higher return - that is all I needed
to understand," says Reggie Smith of Detroit, Michigan.
"I like that NBHS can manage the process from beginning to end. My properties go considerably
faster, and they are all. My bottom line is really so substantially different now," says Cathy Burke
of Atlanta, Georgia.
"This is completely new to me. As a property agent for 30 years, I have a new avenue to research
all over the world and renovating properties and turning them into personal care facilities or group
homes. I haven't had a late rent payment in the last 6 years on either of them and am at number
12 now. At one time, I only focused on purchasing, renovating, and flipping dwellings, but now I
realize there's a good need and housing demand for specific people," shows Mark Thomas of
Sacramento, California.
As the creator and CEO I enjoy working with agents and real estate brokers. The founder are
business-minded individuals who want to find chances across the U.S. At the exact same time,
the founder are not closed to giving emotionally impaired and the disabled the very best living
arrangements potential. The services that NBHS has to offer will help two populations of folks.....
those who need attention to be supplied and those who desire to supply care.
He was on his eighth or so facility. Formerly, he'd developed a Memory Care Home, Medically
Fragile Residential Facility, Home for The Aged, and one . She subsequently stated, "I want six
private rooms with sit down showers and I want this dwelling to be just for folks with Alzheimer's."
I said, "Done!"
NBHS has offices located in Michigan and Georgia; nevertheless, we are able to license and
develop quality residential house in all 50 states. Our advisers travel and adore it. We develop
Medicaid Waiver programs.
Another real estate client of NBHS was very considering buying two residential facilities that were

95 percent occupied. He had created a budget attempting to validate or refute the sellers. He
came across our information and retained us to help him crisis numbers and brainstorm on
whether the deal was not bad, bad, or ugly. We crunched amounts, reviewed records, discovered
for various reasons that he was about to walk in a wreck that was hot, and ran an environmental
inspection. While the amounts were strong, the change of ownership would instantly need him to
install sprinklers in each facility - a $75,000 ticket he didn't see coming.
Many run their facilities by themselves and even get our trainings.
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