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1.You are the project manager for your organization and are coaching Sam on the differences
between a project and operations. Which one of the following is the best definition of a project?
A. A project is a short-term endeavor to create a unique product or service.
B. A project moves through five phases:initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling,
and closing.
C. A project creates a unique product or service for the organization's customers.
D. A project provides a service to the organization.
Answer: A
2.Which of the following processes involves monitoring the progress of the project to identify any
variances in the project plan?
A. Closing
B. Controlling
C. Executing
D. Planning
Answer: B
3.You are the project manager for the HNG Project. Your project is slated to last eight months but
management has asked that you create a method for reducing the project duration. You elect to
allow certain phases of the project to overlap. What schedule compression technique have you
used in this instance?
A. Crashing
B. Lag time
C. Resource leveling
D. Fast tracking
Answer: D
4.You are a project manager for GTX project. The project has ten active stakeholders. How many
communication channels will be required for effective communication with the stakeholders?
A. 45
B. 2
C. 10
D. 9
Answer: A
5.You are the project manager of manufacturing process. Your project will focus on the creation of
987,600 handheld printers to be used in grocery stores around the world. The printers are
manufactured largely by machine though there are several steps in the process where project
team members will need to manually configure the devices. Management will be completing
statistical sampling of the printers and they have established an upper control limit of 980 correct
out of 1,000 and a lower control limit of 970 out of 1,000. Your expected mean is 975. On a control
chart, which is what management expects you to create, what is called should your results exceed
980 correct out of a 1,000 in any given measurements?
A. Out of control
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B. Failure mode
C. Improvement
D. Variance
Answer: A
6.Which of the following is the last deliverable at the close out meeting?
A. Customer Feedback
B. Project approval
C. Lessons Learned
D. Source code of application
Answer: C
7.You are the project manager of the NGQ Project and are reviewing the assignments for your
project team. You have decided to use a RACI chart as your responsibility assignment matrix.
What does RACI mean?
A. Responsible, Active, Confirmed, Inactive
B. Resource, Action, Communicate, Inform
C. Responsible, Accountable, Communicate, Inform
D. Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform
Answer: D
8.You are the project manager of the NHH Project and you have 22 project team members on the
project. You need to identify a method to promote performance on your project and are examining
Herzberg's Theory of Motivation. What will happen in this theory to your project team's motivation
if you can remove the hygiene agents according to Herzberg's Theory?
A. The motivation of the team will excel once the hygiene agents are removed.
B. The motivation of the team will excel - if they're interested in the project's goals.
C. There will be no change in the team's motivation.
D. The motivation of the team will decrease.
Answer: D
9.Which of the following process groups of the project management processes utilizes the most
project time and resource?
A. Planning
B. Initiation
C. Closing
D. Executing
E. Controlling
Answer: D
10.A construction company is about to start a new project. It requires hiring a project manager for this
project. Which of the following are the most important skills that a person must have to be selected as a
project manager?
A. Team building and human resources
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B. Leading
C. Problem solving
D. Negotiation and influential
E. Communication
Answer: E
11.Samantha is the project manager of the KWK Project and she has completed the project
deliverables. She needs the project customers to inspect the project work to gain their formal
acceptance of what she and her project team have created. What process does Samantha need to
A. Verify scope
B. Perform quality control
C. Project closure
D. Scope validation
Answer: A
12.You are the project manager in a matrix structure. Your project team comes from all over the
organization and many of your project team members report to several project managers besides
you. There are total 89 project team members on your project that you need to communicate with and
you'll need to communicate with the other project managers and functional managers for each
resource on the project team. What type of a chart can you create to help track the reporting
relationships of all your project team members in this matrix structure?
A. Project Organization Chart
B. Resource Assignment Matrix
C. Communications matrix
D. Role and responsibility matrix
Answer: A
13.Brent is the project manager of the NYE Project and he has just completed the first phase of the
project. Before the project may move forward the project customer must inspect the project work
to determine completeness of the work so far. This activity is part of the closing the project phase.
What process will Brent and the project stakeholders do at the end of each project phase?
A. Phase gate review
B. Inspection of key results
C. Quality control
D. Verify scope
Answer: D
14.You have been hired as a contract project manager for Tech Perfect Inc. The project has already
been started. Sufficient details of the project have already been structured. You are working with
your team for cost estimation of the project. Which of the following estimating techniques will you
use for the highest degree of accuracy?
A. Parametric modeling
B. Analogous
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C. Bottom-up
D. Top-down
Answer: C
15.You are the project manager for the NHQ Project and are working with Patty, a junior project
manager on the project. Patty is curious about the project's critical path and the concept of float.
Patty doesn't understand what the critical path is. Which one of the following statements best
describes the critical path?
A. It's the path that contains the riskiest project activities.
B. It's the path in the project network diagram with the most important activities.
C. It's the path in the project network diagram that reveals the earliest date the project can be
D. It's always the one path with the least amount of float.
Answer: C
16.You are the project manager of the BGY Project. A new issue has been identified in the project
and this issue could prove to be costly for the project. The issue affects Anna's project deliverable
and she is a negative stakeholder for the project. Considering these elements of the project, what
type of communication would be the most effective to share this news with Anna?
A. Documented review of the issue
B. Face-to-face meeting
C. Informal presentation meeting
D. Immediate telephone call
Answer: B
17.You are the project manager of the NGH Project and are predicting the costs for your project work.
You have determined that an activity in your project has the following cost attributes assigned to it:
Optimistic - $3,500; Most Likely - $7,500; Pessimistic - $12,500.
What is the amount that you'll record for the project's cost in the cost management plan and
A. $7666
B. $12500
C. $3500, $7500, $12500
D. $7500
Answer: A
18.Which of the following types of floats are available? Each correct answer represents a complete
solution. Choose two.
A. Half float
B. Free float
C. Full float
D. Total float
Answer: B,D
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19.In what organizational structure is the project manager often referred to as a project coordinator or
A. Weak matrix
B. Balanced matrix
C. Projectized
D. Strong matrix
Answer: A
20.You are the project manager of the NHQ Project for your organization. You are working on
creating the project management plan for the NHQ Project and need to identify the costs of the
resources needed in the project. All of the following are examples of resources except for which
A. Network cable
B. Software
C. Staffing management plan
D. Electrical engineer
Answer: C
21.Which of the following is responsible to sign off on the closure documents of a project?
A. End user
B. Project team members
C. Sponsor
D. Project Manager
Answer: C
22.Ned is the project manager for a new project. Ned is determining what project team members
should be recruited in the project that will likely last for eight months. All of the following are
enterprise environmental factors that should be considered when acquiring project team members
except for which one?
A. Interest in working on the project
B. Cost to use the resource
C. Duration as an employee
D. Availability to work on the project
Answer: C
23.Jane is a project manager that is working with her project team. Some of the project stakeholders
have been circumventing the change control process and approaching the project team members
directly. Jane wants to inform the project team that stakeholders should use the approved change
control form. What is it called when the project team members completed unapproved change
requests for stakeholders?
A. Scope creep
B. Gold plating
C. Cost of quality
D. Integrated change control
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Answer: A
24.Julie is the project manager of the JUUY Project, which will create photography scanners for sale
around the world. Her project team is tracking categories of failure for detailed analysis.
Management has required in the project quality management plan that all defects be shown in a
histogram for detailed evaluation. What type of a chart is management requesting?
A. Process flowchart
B. Cause-and-effect chart
C. Pareto chart
D. Control chart
Answer: C
25.Violet is the project manager for her organization and she is working with Teddy on the quality
control processes for their project. Teddy is confused on the difference between prevention and
inspection when it comes to quality and customer acceptance of the project deliverables. Which
statement best defines quality and customer acceptance
A. Prevention keeps errors out of the process. Inspection keeps errors out of the hands of the
B. Prevention and inspection work together to keep mistakes out of the customer's hands.
C. Prevention is a management-driven process and inspection is a project team-driven process.
D. Prevention is keeping errors out of the customer hands. Inspection keeps errors out of the
26.What theory of human resources states that people are driven primarily by one of three needs?
A. McClelland's Theory of Needs
B. Ouchi's Theory Z
C. Hertzberg's Theory of Motivation
D. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Answer: A
27.The cost variance (CV) value of a project is less than zero or negative. What does this value
A. Costs are according to the budget.
B. The budget for the project is insufficient.
C. Costs are higher than originally planned for the project.
D. Costs are less than budgeted.
Answer: C
28.You are the project manager of a high-priority project that will require the project team to work on
the project for 18 months. The project cannot be late or the organization will face sizeable fines.
You need a method to ensure that the project team will work towards the project with little defects
and much accuracy to reach the project deadline.
Which one of the following are methods for ensuring project team work accuracy in the project
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A. Risk management meetings
B. Recognition and rewards
C. Management by walking around
D. Coercive power
Answer: B
29.You are a project manager in a matrix environment. You and another project manager are in
conflict over a particular resource that you both need on your project. Who has the authority in this
environment to determine where and how the resource will be utilized in the projects?
A. The functional management of the organization
B. The project manager whose project started first
C. The project team resource
D. The project manager with the most experience
Answer: A
30.Holly is the project manager for her organization. Two of her resources are in a heated argument
over which database server the project should use. Holly interjects to calm down the scenario.She
reminds them that they're on the same team, both have good points, and that the database will be
selected in the project planning. The team members agree and move on with the project planning.
What type of conflict resolution has Holly done in this instance?
A. Smoothing
B. Avoiding
C. Compromising
D. Forcing
Answer: A
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