News and fashion about Top Celebrities

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News and fashion about Top Celebrities
Celebrity Fashion
Celebrity fashion is about what celebrities are wearing around the
world. is one of the popular blogs which
present the latest in celebrity fashion. Celebrities are known to start
fashion trends. Tracking who is wearing what helps you to stay ahead.
Whether it is Gwyneth Paltrow's sequin dress or Allison Williams
fondness for Dior or Taylor swift's tomboy look, you can view what
celebrities are wearing and when. The who's who are carefully
reviewed here on the basis of the fashion that they sport. It is not just
about what the celebrities are wearing, but also when and how. For
example, both Estelle and Angela Simmons wore Virgos Lounge's
Goldie mirrored body conscious dress, but the style of wearing was
perceived as different. The latest in celebrity fashion is Vanessa
Hudgens' Flare look for February 2014. Jennifer Lopez created
ripples with her look for March 2014. While browsing through
celebrity fashion you can enjoy the various styles which different
celebrities sport. However, you need to take care while adapting it to
your own signature style. These may involve certain alterations to the
Celebrity Fashion

Fashion news
Fashion news is effervescent. It is undulating across the globe based
on the season and the climate. The trend for the forthcoming season is
of course a leading indicator.
Fashion shows on the runway don't necessarily translate to street
fashion. Trends across cities can migrate from one to another and over
a period of time. Certain styles or details, however can be spotted as
common over successive seasons. The significance of the fabric or
look, the innovativeness or the sheer eye catching power can convert
an also ran into a translator. The latest in fashion news is that we may
see knife pleats back in the wardrobes through their presence at
Givenchy and Prada. We may also see printed words through Dior or
Alexander Wang.
Another happening event in fashion news was Miley Cyrus who was
became the new face of Marc Jacobs. She represents the angst felt by
a teenage. Her pensive look on a sand dune portrays the brand
message. For the collection of spring 2014 Daria Werbowy has
bagged the spot with Mango, Balenciaga and Celine. H&M has
chosen Miranda Kerr has their face for the spring 2014 campaign.
Fashion news

Top fashion blogs
Top fashion blogs are supposed to inform the browsers about what is
happening in the world outside. These are maintained by bloggers
who have a knack to capture the latest and the most current news,
events, trends and information on fashion. The updates on top
fashion blogs
are regular and frequent. A popular fashion blog
amongst the myriad variety is This provides
inputs on how you can put together various items in your wardrobe to
present a well defined look. To get with the latest word in style, does not recommend that you spend a lot. You
just need to have the eye for detail and pick out stuff which would
look good on you. In fact, it also recommends places where you can
get good deals. Valentine's Day is approaching soon. You may decide
to acquire a fashionable look at any time. This is made easy by the
top fashion blogs.
Top fashion blogs