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* Using MS Office applications

* Making print ads and promotional materials in

Adobe Photoshop

* Internet marketing and search engine

optimization (SEO & SEM) techniques

* Article spinning

* Basic HTML

* Google Adword campaigns

* Writing marketing copies and web content

* Photography
* Speaks Cebuano, Filipino, and English

Best American gold coins | Top US gold coins to buy, American eagles, rare
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Best American gold coins

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Coin collecting United States coin collecting Best American gold coins

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Why we expect silver's
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Top US gold coins to buy
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Origin of American gold coins
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The early US gold coins were made of 91.6% gold alloyed with
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other base metals. By 1834, the composition was decreased to
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90% gold.
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In 1933, Pres. Roosevelt made the Executive Order 6102 in a
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drastic measure to curb the US banking crisis. The law restricted
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the private ownership of gold coins and any other forms of
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The ban was lifted in 1975. Today, only a few pre-1933 gold
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The term, American eagles, became the standard basis for the
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Coins Collectors
denomination of the US gold coins. An eagle was equivalent to
Gold, two steps ahead: how the
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$10. Thus, $5 gold coins were called half eagles, $2.50 were
rich keep getting richer. New gold
quarter eagles, and so on.

Coin products
List of best American gold coins
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10 Gold Coin
The $1 Gold coin
Rare Coin

US Gold
The gold dollar Type 1 is the smallest minted coin in the history of
Coin Valuing
the US coinage. Type 2 had a portrait of an Indian princess
wearing a feathered headdress. The Type 3 depicted a more well-
Coin guide
defined and enlarged effigy of the Indian girl since its predecessor
gold coin lacked in detail.
Collecting coins

* Liberty Head Type I (1849-1854)
Coin investing
* Indian Head Type 2 (1854-1856)
Value of coins
* Indian Head Type 3 (1856-1889)

Rare coins
The $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle
Gold coins

The US gold quarter eagles were authorized in Congress in 1792 and came out of the mint in 1796. The
Silver coins
varieties of the $2.50 gold coins are:
Ancient coins

* Capped Bust to Right Quarter Eagle (1796-1807)
World coins
* Capped Bust to Left Quarter Eagle (1808)
American coins
* Capped Head to Left Quarter Eagle (1821-1834)
* Classic Head Quarter Eagle (1834-1839)
Coin articles
* Liberty Head Quarter Eagle (1840-1907)
Coin terms
* Indian Head Quarter Eagle (1908-1929)

The $3 Gold coin

The three-dollar gold coin was first launched in 1854. Sadly, the public showed little enthusiasm over the

Best American gold coins | Top US gold coins to buy, American eagles, rare
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Coin directory
new $3 dollar gold coin so it was not circulated well.

On the obverse was a portrait of an Indian princess with a wavy
Coin dealers
hair. She wore a feathered headband inscribed with "LIBERTY".
Coin types
The reverse had a wreath of tobacco, wheat, corn, and cotton
encircling the mint year and the "3 DOLLAR" face value.
Coin mints

World coins
* Indian Princess (1854-1889)

Coin catalog
The $4 Gold coin
Coin values &

The $4 gold coin earned its moniker Stella, the Latin for star,
because of the five pointed star on the reverse. These American
Coin auctions
gold coins are extremely rare because they were not minted in
Coin collectors
large quantities for circulation.

Coin collector clubs
* Flowing Hair (1879)
Coin forums
* Coiled Hair (1879)
* Flowing Hair (1880)
Coin magazines
* Coiled Hair (1880)
Coin shows
Coin collector supplies
The $5 Gold Half Eagle
Coin resources

Bank notes
The Act of Congress in April 2, 1972 mandated the minting of the
first United states gold coin. The $5 American gold coins have
the following varieties:
Coin for sale

* Capped Bust to Right Small Eagle Half Eagle (1795-1798)
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* Capped Bust to Right Large Eagle Half Eagle (1795-1807)
Dollar Coin
* Capped Bust to Left Half Eagle (1807-1812)
Gold Value
* Capped Head to Left Large Size Half Eagle (1813-1829)
Gold Bars
* Capped Head to Left Small Size Half Eagle (1829-1834)
Minted Gold
* Classic Head Half Eagle (1834-1838)
* Liberty Half Eagle (1839-1908)
* Indian Head Half Eagle (1908-1929)
Coin classifieds

Coin collector
The $10 Gold Eagle
exchange, swap, for

In 1795, the first $10 gold coins were produced by the then newly-opened Philadelphia Mint.

* Capped Bust Small Eagle (1795-1797)
* Capped Bust Large Eagle (1797-1804)
* Liberty Head Eagle (1838-1907)
* Indian Head Eagle (1907-1933)
The $20 Gold Double Eagle

There were two major designs of the $20 gold coin - the Liberty
and the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles. The latter were twice the
size of the old $20 gold coin. It was named after the sculptor
Augustus Saint-Gaudens who was commissioned to design the

Sub-categories of the Liberty and the Saint-Gaudens double
eagles were the No Motto double eagles.

* Liberty Double Eagle no motto (1849-1866)
* Liberty Double Eagle (1866-1907)
* Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle no motto (1907-1908)
* Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (1908-1933)
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Junk silver coins | Junk coins | silver dimes & dollar coin
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Junk silver coins

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Coin collecting Value of coins Junk silver coins

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15 Reasons to buy

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US Coins
Coins Values
Dollar Coins
Liberty Coins
Gold, two steps

ahead: how the rich
keep getting richer.
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Junk silver coins
Buy Coin Silver

Why 90% junk silver coins are worth
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Screw machine
Junk silver is actually a misnomer for coins with 90% silver
and 10% copper content.
NYC Steel Industry
Junk silver coins may have no value for collectors in a sense
that junk silver dollars can be bought without regard for their
Interest in keeping up
aesthetic quality - it would not matter much if it's nicked or
to date on steel prices
scratched on the surface - as long as its intrinsic value is still
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Coins For Sale
Rare Foreign Banknotes
Despite its misleading name, junk silver is the colloquial term for
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circulated silver coins in the United States that were minted prior
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Worldwide Banknotes May 13th,
to the Coinage Act of 1965. Enacted on July 23, 1965, the Coin
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Act stopped the minting and circulation of dimes and quarter
dollars with 90% silver content.
NYC Steel Industry Event
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Though they were struck with a 1964 mint date but in truth, some
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of the junk U.S. silver dimes were minted until 1966.
Buy And Sell Old Coins

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Top 8 Silver Stocks
The year 1965 also marked a period of coin shortage in the U.S.
Why we expect silver's bull
coin history. Subsequently, the Coinage Act also signaled the rise
market to continue, and out pace
of silver prices. Junk silver coins are also present in Canada.
Coin products
Today, the circulated coins inside the two countries contain
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copper and nickel, which are of far lesser intrinsic value.
Silver Coins
Gold Coins
Silver Dollars
Junk Silver Coins in the United States and in Canada
Coins Worth

The common junk U.S. silver coins are:

Coin guide
* 1916-1945 Mercury Dime
* 1932-1964 Washington Quarter
Collecting coins
* 1942-1945 Silver War Nickel
Coin investing
* 1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime
* 1916-1947 Liberty Half Dollar
Value of coins
* 1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollar
Rare coins
* 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar
* 1965-1970 Kennedy Half Dollar
Gold coins
* 1878-1921 Morgan Dollar
Silver coins
* 1921-1935 Peace Dollar
* 1971-1976 Eisenhower Dollar
Ancient coins

In Canada, most junk silver bullions are those minted before 1967 such as:
World coins

American coins
* 1920-1967 Dime
* 1920-1967 Quarter
Coin articles
* 1920-1967 Half Dollar
Coin terms
* 1935-1967 Dollar

The Scarcity of Silver Coins

It remains a fact that even though junk silver coins are in circulation, majority of the American population
have not seen or beheld any of these silver dimes at all. Junk silver dollars have always been rare since

Junk silver coins | Junk coins | silver dimes & dollar coin
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Coin directory
the curtailing of its minting in 1965.

The scarcity of 90% junk silver can be explained through the Gresham Law. It states that when two coins
Coin dealers
of the same face value but different intrinsic qualities are circulated together, the coin made out of
Coin types
precious metal is more likely to be hoarded. Thus, the one with a lesser value will remain in circulation for
the longest of time.
Coin mints

World coins
As it happened in American history when the 1965 Coinage Act was passed, the junk coins were instantly
swarmed by the fortunate few. The less valuable cupro-nickel coins, although of equal face value with
Coin catalog
their junk silver counterparts, were the ones left for dispersion.
Coin values &

To counteract the hoarding of the 90% silver bullions, the Secretary of the US Treasury resorted to
making clad coins. The latter are coins made by sandwiching a copper core with two metals. Clad coins
Coin auctions
were not dated earlier than 1965.
Coin collectors
Coin collector clubs

Coin forums
Coin magazines
Junk Silver Bags
Coin shows

In buying junk silver, these coins are commonly sold collectively
Coin collector supplies
in cloth pouches otherwise known as silver bags. Inside the bag is
Coin resources
an assortment of silver quarters, dimes, and half-dollars. Most
U.S. junk silver bags have a $1,000 face value. Others are sold in
Bank notes
$500 or $250.

Whether it's a dime or a quarter on the vintage silver's face
Coin for sale
value, its metal content remains the same: every piece of junk
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silver coin will weight 90% silver. Hence, a bag of sterling silver
Rare Coins
will weigh about 715 ounces of silver regardless of the par value
Coins Penny
of coins inside.
Silver Dimes

Determining Junk Silver Prices
Junk Silver

If you have a junk silver piece at hand, here's a quick guide to determine your junk silver coin's price.
Coin classifieds

Take note that all silver values are pegged at $10 per ounce of silver. So to determine the actual value,
Coin collector
the silver weight is multiplied by the current spot price of silver.
exchange, swap, for


Silver Content
Silver Weight
Face Value
Silver Value
1942-1945 War Nickels
0.05626 oz.
1916-1945 Mercury Dimes
0.07234 oz.
1946-1964 Roosevelt Dimes
0.07234 oz
1932-1964 Washington Quarters
0.18084 oz.
1916-1947 Walking Liberty Half
0.36169 oz.
1948-1963 Franklin Half
0.36169 oz.
1964 Kennedy Half
0.36169 oz.
1965-1970 Kennedy Half
0.1479 oz
1878-1921 Morgan Dollar
0.77344 oz.
1921-1935 Peace Dollar
0.77344 oz.
1971-1976-S Eisenhower Dollar
0.3161 oz.

So when the price of silver goes up by ten cents, a bag of 90% junk silver coins will rise by at least $70.

Investing in Junk Silver Coins

Would you rather choose a 100-oz silver bar or a bag of circulated 90% silver?

Either of the two will garner the same premiums. But loose silver coins are much preferred by seasoned investors
because they can be readily disposed in allotments or in bags whenever the need arises. A junk silver coin has a
legal tender.

Survivalists, who are ever on the look-out for sudden economic collapse, think it is wiser to devote their finances
on silver bullions as well. In such catastrophes, the fiat currency (wherein money used as legal tender is not made
of precious metals) will be deemed worthless. Silver, as one of the known precious metals since time immemorial,
can then be used as money in exchange for goods and services.

Art Deco figurine collecting tips, Collect vintage art deco miniatures
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Art Deco
Ceramic Dol s
Figurines 1 6
Art Deco figurine collecting
Ideas on how to collect vintage Art
Deco figures. A beginner's guide on
identification and valuation of Art
Deco miniatures

Art Deco figurines are at the very heart of the leading
style movements in the 20th century. Art Deco, unlike
other art movements with a radical political and social
undertone, was purely meant for decorative purposes.
Art Deco is short for Exposition Internationale de Arts
Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925.
Art Deco figures were the epitomes of the flamboyant style
in the Roaring 20s - bright colors, exotic materials,
geometrical patterns, and stylized shapes. Popular Art Deco
figures were made from porcelain and bronze though others
were made in bakelite and glass.
Art Deco figurines mostly depicted fashionably dressed
women in streamlined shapes. Art Deco miniature figures
Watch this video on
were the first to be mass-produced.
Troy Ohio flea markets
Ohio Poultry swap meet
The period between 1920s to the 1960s was at the height
Farmers Market
of the Machine Age. Art Deco figurines were considered
miniature works of art that were readily affordable and
Ads by Google were collected widely.
Art Deco porcelain figurines
Art Deco porcelain figures illustrated the modern woman. This is the era when ladies started to
participate in sports, had shorter hair, and listened to jazz.
The famous Art Deco ceramic figurine makers were the new comers in the figurine industry.
Leading European porcelain makers like Meissen continued to make Rococo-inspired pieces.
Popular Art Deco porcelain figures were made by Goldscheider, Lenci, and Kathleen Parsons for
Crown Devon. The Rosenthal Art Deco figurine of women in motion series are sought after by
figurine collectors worldwide. 6/1/2011

Art Deco figurine collecting tips, Collect vintage art deco miniatures
Page 4 of 8

How to spot a real Art Deco porcelain figurine:
* Art Deco porcelain figures depict scantily clad dancers,
slim women in fashionable dresses, ladies in sports wear.
Lenci and Rosenthal settled for less conventional poses:
women sunbathing, applying liptsick, and dancing.
* porcelain Art Deco figurines may have vivid colors but
designers like Goldsheider often use light colors on detailed
* valuable ceramic Art Deco figures have the designer's
signature at the base.
* Art Deco ceramic figures are stark white or has a tinge
of ivory.
* There are also nude figures in stylized forms.

Art Deco bronze figures
Art Deco bronze figurines were often made from an
amalgam of bronze and ivory called chryselephantine that
echoed ancient Greek sculptures. Other Art Deco figures
were cast in bronze then gilded or silvered.
Bronze Art Deco figures were more geometrical than its
porcelain counterpart. The long limbs of women dancers
and animals were given much emphasis. Common themes
in bronze Art Deco figurines were sensual forms of naked
women, Amazonas, and athletes.
Leading Art Deco bronze figure designers were Max le
Verrier, Demetre Chiparus, Ferdinand Preiss, Gerda Iro
Gerdago, Paul Philippe, Joe Descomps, Josef Lorenzi, and
Pierre le Faguays, to name a few. 6/1/2011