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College culture seems to be about the extremes (we've
who feel like there is still adventure left in the world. For the
all been there): extreme stress or extreme boredom. Most
people who dread the next step in life because they just don't feel
students that I know tend to deal with this through self
ready for it. This article is for the people who want FREEDOM.
medication: marijuana for the boredom and Adderall for the

This sound like you? good. So what exactly is the root
stress. Even on the rare occasion when they find themselves able
cause of this societal dream that we're all trying to escape? The
to have a carefree moment surrounded by friends, they still feel
simple answer is competition (synonymous with inequality): aka
the need to have extreme fun, consuming alcohol, cocaine,
"there are winners and there are losers". For example, envision
ecstasy, or other "party" drugs. This begs the simple question,
yourself sitting in class. Who is the authority? The teacher. But
not really. What is preventing you from speaking every time you

College culture has turned us into machines! Machines
have an idea? Hell, what's keeping you from sitting backwards in
that work harder because we hate ourselves, machines that think
your seat naked? Seems pretty obvious, its the disapproval of
the only way to happiness is through buying. "But what are we
your peers. So everyone (society) is an authority over your
buying?" you ask. We're buying the seven step plan:
freedom and your expression. But what made us all think this
The American Dream
* Step one: be a child, obsess over fads (Pokemon!), grow up.

Our economic system is based around money (which
* Step two: graduate high school, attend college.
derives its value only because there is a limited supply). This
* Step three: Graduate college, get a job or go to graduate
system of inequality is so ingrained in our psyche, that it has
manipulated every facet of our lives. We all know there are poor
* Step four: Get married, make money (how much?).
people out there and there are super rich MOFOs in their
* Step five: Have kids, make money, go on vacation, repeat.
mansions, and we're all just trying to be rich and happy...right?
* Step six: Retire (when? ever?).
* Step seven: die.
Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. In a system of constant

Yup, thats what we're buying. We're buying the notion
competition, everyone ends up a loser. To succeed in this system
that happiness, success, and freedom is obtained through this
we must give up our unadulterated enjoyment in life. You hear
plan, and this plan only. Lets take a step back for a moment. If
these old people constantly complain "I wish I could be young
this plan truly buys happiness then why do 40% of Americans get
again" and the saddest thing is that no matter how rich they are,
divorced? Why are anti-depressants the most commonly
no money can buy back the past.
prescribed drug? Why do we always feel that we need to be

The moral of the story is to stop giving a fuck about
fucked up to enjoy ourselves? Obviously this isn't as pleasant of
what society expects, and start listening to yourself. I know this
a dream as we're told (via media) to think. Most people spend
won't be easy, and it'll take some practice but every act of
their lives feeling trapped, continuously trying to escape.
resistance, no matter how small ends up helping us all escape

So where is this leading us? I honestly don't know, it
from the drab of the American Dream. Instead of judging people
depends on the individual. Some people seem to thrive quite well
for being different, try encouraging them to express their
having their lives planned out like a board game, knowing each
uniqueness. Be brave, look outside the box. Instead of competing
coming step up until the cliche finish line; a heart attack around
for everything, try imaging a world where we can work together,
70. But this article isn't for those people. This article is for the
on every level of society. Instead of accepting boredom and
anxiety as a normal part of our lives, try asking yourself is there
an alternative?
In a society that destroys all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.