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Nissan Along with Other Biggies Looking Forward to Malaysian Market For a
Greater Sales Prospect
To make an aspiring rapport with the grand car manufacturers, Nissan has highlighted their
work to grab the Malaysian market as the top priority. To justify their approach, recently
they have brought their highly acclaimed sedan, Nissan Sunny into the Malaysian
automobile front. Sooner, Nissan Sunny will launch in Malaysia giving a tough competition
to the popular doodles of the same section of cars. Bringing Nissan Sunny to the Malaysian
auto mart will not only increase the sales of Nissan to triple folds but also this attempt will
prove to be fruitful to publicize Nissan as a brand worldwide. It is still kept clueless whether
Nissan Sunny will retain its name "Nissan Sunny" in the near the Malaysian market too.

Nissan Sunny was first unveiled at Guangzhou, China in the month of December in 2010
simultaneously it came to India which turned out to be a magical sales strategy that ought
to be so fruitful.
As per some relevant sources, Nissan Sunny will hold its reliable 1.5 liter petrol engine that
has the capacity to undoubtedly produce fortified power of 112 PS and elevated torque of
139 Nm.

Nissan Motors' Indian counterpart has initiated their export of Sunny from its Oragadam
plant, in a remote location from Chennai. Nissan's Thailand counterpart is also indulged
for the same purpose with Nissan Micra kept along with the Sunny.
In India, Nissan Motors have successful market clutch with their five distinct car models.
For the hatchback it has Nissan Micra, a mid-size sedan named Nissan Sunny, Nissan
. he Malaysian markets. Toyota is planning to launch Toyota Etios whereas
Volkswagen Vento by collaborating with Proton for a healthy sales figure.