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NJ DWI Lawyer Stephen Lukach III Now Shares Information on Defending Drug DWI's
NJ DWI Lawyer, Stephen Lukach III, has been defending drug DWI's for years and is pleased to
announce he will now share legal advice for victims in need of legal assistance for drug DWI's.
Just because an individual has not had a single drop of alcohol in their system, does not mean
they can't be charged with a DWI Individuals can be charged with driving under the influence of
a drug in the state of New Jersey. It does not have to be an illegal drug either. A person can be
charged with a DWI just by taking their prescribed medication while operating a vehicle.
For an individual to be convicted of a drug DWI, the State must prove that the drug impacted
their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. To do this, the state will typically ask for the
individual to be urine or blood tested. Back at the station, the Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE)
will ask the individual to do additional testing. With testing, the officer will try to draw a link
between the drugs that were in the person's system, with their ability to operate a vehicle.
New Jersey DWI Lawyer Stephen Lukach III believes there are several problems with this
method. First off, the urine or blood sample results will only determine if a drug was in the
individuals system, not how much of it is still in the individual's system. The issue with this
testing is that some drugs may still be found in the individual's system long after their affects
have worn off. Also, the less-experienced DRE is performing scientific testing on the individual
after only 144 hours of training. A Pharmacologist performs the same task after approximately 7
years of training. This difference becomes important if an overzealous DRE is looking to make a
bust on insufficient evidence. He may be more inclined to "recognize" symptoms on signs that
may not really be present. Individuals who have been charged with a Drug DWI can contact The
Law Office of Stephen Lukach III today.
About Stephen Lukach III:
Stephen Lukach III is admitted to practice law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His legal
practice centers on DWI defense. As a respected New Jersey DWI Lawyer, Stephen Lukach III
has been practicing DWI Law for several years. Along with being a member of the National
College for DWI/DUI Defense, Mr. Lukach is a Qualified Practitioner in Standardized Field
Sobriety Testing and a Certified Alcotest Operator. Mr. Lukach III has defended hundreds of
clients and he takes pride in his many successes.
For further information on the DWI Lawyer in NJ, call 888-400-1DWI (1394) for a free
consultation, or visit http://njdrunkdrivinglawyer.com/. Visit the site today for a free initial legal
consultation with Stephen M. Lukach, III.