Nomadic Display

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Show smart. Stand apart.
World class custom modular and portable exhibits.

Custom Modular
Look Smart.
The most elegant and enticing way to get people in front of you is with a
Nomadic custom modular exhibit behind you. Every savvy exhibitor knows
that presenting a fresh image that brings your brand to life is essential to
face-to-face marketing success. Nomadic has a proven track record of
creating attention-getting, results-driven presentations. Let us create
an environment custom-tailored to stimulate sales for you.

Tension Fabric Structures
A smart look is driven by smart design. Nomadic has a whole new
generation of breathtaking custom modular environments that are helping
exhibitors engage more sales opportunities than ever before. We develop
creative display solutions designed to build your brand, drive interaction
with your target audience and support your overall business strategies.
Let our team of talented designers transform your face-to-face marketing
programs and extend the value of your investment in trade shows,
Combine light weight with
corporate events and meetings.
bold, dramatic ef ect to command
attention for your brand
Promote interaction with your company
used alone or as part of a larger display.
Add New Dimension
Customize your counter tops
with your logo.
North America - 800.732.9395

Grow Smart.
Bring your brand to more places. Invest in a lifetime of versatility
with a custom modular display that can adapt and change with your
market challenges. Nomadic led an evolution in modular exhibits.
Distinctive and practical, we engineer our product lines to integrate
with one another.

Triple- Channel Extrusion
Nomadic custom modular exhibits are scalable to work in more places
and grow with your business needs. So you benefit from the ability
to enhance, expand and repurpose your properties to fit multiple
Accepts laminates to blend with Platinum
laminate panels.
Enables graphic layering.
Supports unique dimensional graphics.
Steel Backed Panels
Enable placement of magnetic graphics
anywhere on the front surface.
Are two times stronger than other brands.
Surface Treatments
Choose from a broad palette of surface
treatments to create a look that is
uniquely yours.
North America - 800.732.9395

Save Smart.
Are you under pressure to cut costs and optimize your marketing budget?
Then you need custom-tailored design in a cost-effective display.
DesignLine is a presentation innovation. An evolved hybrid solution,
it fuses the individual strengths of different product lines - aluminum
extrusion, Platinum(R) laminated panel, Instand(R) pop-up and tension fabric
structures - into a contemporary display solution that is lighter in weight
and more compact than traditional exhibits.

Cut Costs
A Nomadic custom modular display can
help you save you an average of 33%
when compared to a custom-built exhibit.
20 x 20 Exhibit
4 shows in Year 1
Design & Fabrication
Operational Expenses:
Installation and dismantle
Annual Managementt:
Return inspections
Total ownership cost per year
Total annual savings
% of annual ownership savings
Source: 2008 EDPA Economic Survey
Exhibitor Magazine, Sep 2008
A Nomadic custom modular display can help you dramatically reduce
RollMax Case
operational expenses like transportation, drayage, and I&D. You also
save on ownership costs such as storage, inspections, maintenance and
replacement since system components are far less expensive than custom-
built ones.
Plus your investment is protected by the industry's best lifetime warranty.
To browse hundreds of trade show display designs visit design ideas on our
Your 10'x20' display ships complete in one case
Double wall rotationally molded design absorbs
impact during transit.
Forklift accessible on two sides.
Optional casters make maneuverability easy.
North America - 800.732.9395

Custom Rentals
Rent Smart.
Display rental is increasing in popularity as companies realize they can
have significant cost savings and custom-tailored design. Why
compromise when you can have a design specified to your needs that
eliminates all after show costs including monthly storage fees, repairs,
or replacements for lost elements? When you want a convenient and cost
effective display solution, look no further than Nomadic.
We put the power of a fully searchable database at your fingertips on our
website. Now you can find the exhibit rental that meets your aesthetic,
functional and budgetary requirements from the convenience of your office or
home 24/7! Whether you choose a pre-priced design or request a custom
tailored rental solution, its easy to submit a rental request online. Simply
complete the form, attaching the designs you like with your comments
regarding preferences.
A Nomadic Rental Consultant will generate a complete proposal for you.
We can provide everything you need from display rentals to graphics,
transportation, I&D and storage. We ship your display to your show space
and pick up from there afterward. It's that simple!
Whether you exhibit in North America, or Europe, you can save yourself
time, money and stress by renting a Nomadic display.
To view more examples of our rental solutions, visit the client gallery on our

Custom Portable
Invest Smart.
Nobody knows portables like Nomadic! We invented pop-up technology.
Introducing the first and only self-locking display revolutionized the industry
by providing exhibitors with a stunning graphic backwall that saves them
time and money on storage, transportation, drayage and set-up.
Since then more than 250,000 Instand(R) displays have been sold around
the world. And today, Instand(R) is the world's most popular custom
portable. Instand's reputation for quality is legendary. In fact, the Instand
frame is so wel engineered we back it with the industry's best
"No Questions Asked" Lifetime Warranty.

RollEase Case
Clam shell lid opens deep for easy
unpacking and repacking.
Ships UPS and FedEx.
Rolluxe Case
Instand integrates seamlessly with other Nomadic systems to form
distinctive selling environments. Use Instand as a stand alone display
or connect it to other Instand frames, Platinum(R) laminate panels or
Locks to secure contents.
aluminum extrusions.
Top doubles as a handy 13" tall step stool.
Ships UPS and FedEx.
No other custom portable offers you as much.
RollOne Case
All-in-one case convenience.
Ships UPS and FedEx.
North America - 800.732.9395