Not Rational Numbers

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Not Rational Numbers
Not Rational Numbers
Whenever you talk about non rational numbers it means that you talk about
irrational numbers.
In general words, we can say that the real numbers which are not rational
numbers are called as irrational numbers. As we know rational numbers are the
numbers which can be represented in the form of p/q where q can't be 0.
So irrational numbers are the numbers which we can't be represented in the
form of p/q.
For example, real numbers like 3 which are not rational are irrational. We can
represent irrational numbers in decimal but then they called as non-terminating
and non-recurring.

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Irrational numbers are represented by `Q', with a bar on its top. A square root of
every non-perfect real number is an irrational number and cube roots of non-
perfect cubes are also irrational numbers.
We can multiply two irrational numbers and the result that we will get is a
rational number. That's why each irrational number is called rationalizing factor
of other one.
In arithmetic expressions, indefinite numbers are usually represented by u and
g. Irrational numbers are mainly of interest to Abstract arithmetic. They are
mainly interested to theories.
They also used in computer science, especially in data encryption and security.
Some generally used irrational numbers are given below: Pi is a very famous
irrational number its value can be calculated to many decimal places.
The value of pi is 3.14159.......... (Many more) The number e Euler's number is
also an example of irrational number.
Value of the number after decimal places are not in an order form and are also
very large.

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The value of e is 2.71828............. (Many more) The golden number is also an
example of irrational number.
The value of golden number is 1.61803............. (many more).
3 is also an irrational number and its value is 1.732............ (many more).
This is all about rational numbers and we can also say that Non Rational
Numbers are irrational numbers.


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