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The Simpsons

Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson is the
misunderstood son of
Homer and Marge
Simpson. He is
nicknamed as Cosmo
after he discovered a

Homer Jay Simpson
Homer Jay Simpson is a lazy ,
overweight ignorant
individual to the world but
he is very devoted to his
family. He works as a safety
officer in the Springfield
Nuclear Power Plant. He
spends a lot of time with his
friend and family

Marjorie "Marge" Jacqueline
Is the happy home
maker of the Simpson
Family. It she who
maintains the order of
the family. She has
being involved in a
number of activities
from being a police
officer to a anti
violence activist.

Lisa Marie Simpson
Lisa is an alluring eight
year old girl. She is the
moral center of her
family. Her hobbies
include playing the
saxophone and guitar,
riding Horses. She is an
over achiever and so she
only has a few friends.

Maggie Simpson
Maggie is the latest
addition to the
Simpson family. She
was born when the
family was running
through a financial
crisis. But she
bought back the
cheers and joy to
the family.

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