NTSE Sample Papers

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NTSE Sample Papers
NTSE Sample Papers
National Talent Search Examination is conducted by NCERT every year for class VIII students
to identify the intelligent and academic talent.
Students can use NTSE Sample Paper to prepare for this exam. It is basically a scholarship
program so very beneficial for students from weaken financial background.
The amount of scholarship presently given to the selected candidates is 500 Rs per month
from 9th class onwards. But in Phd program the scholarship amount given is decided by UGC.
Students are advised to practice these National Talent Search Examination Sample Papers to
get rank under 4000 ranks, so that they can get scholarship.
This exam is conducted in 2 levels: SAT and MAT. These Ntse Sample Paper covers
questions based on the both the levels of this exam.
The questions from the subjects asked Maths, Science( Physics, Chemistry and Maths) and
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Social Science( History, Civics, Geography and Economics) are asked in this SAT level exam.
Students have to choose any four subject out of these subjects given above.
To prepare for this exam these National Talent Search Examination Sample Papers are very
beneficial as they are designed using the books that are known for this exam by the academic
experts of the board. The other level is MAT which asks questions from Mental ability.
Total multiple choice questions asked in this exam as per the latest information are 100 in
MAT and 100 in SAT. The marks al ocation is also same as that of questions given.
Students need to practice hard using previous year question papers and the Ntse Sample
Paper to obtain good marks in this exam.
For the next National level also students need to practice these National Talent Search
Examination Sample Papers.
For further details regarding the Ntse Sample Papers Free Download and the other study
material related to that you are advised to visit our edurite portal.
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