Number Sense Definition

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Number Sense Definition
Number Sense Definition
In mathematics there are several topics that helps the students to understand the use
of different number in both simple and complex situations so there is one more topic
that is related with the sensing of numbers and their magnitude and also defining the
relationship in order to solve a specific operation or problem define as the number
Number sense provide the capacity to complete the work without using any of
traditional work algorithms.
For helping the peoples in understanding the numbers as well as their relationship
and also for providing the power of solving the mathematical problems that is not
follow any mathematical conventions and any specific rules there is need of concept
of number sensing.
When people relate their experiences with numbers, number sense came into

it is not the old mathematics based concept but it is a way where people can
understand the numbers that are based on their defined way of understanding
According to the number sense definition ,It is define a way of gaining the mastery in
the true number facts that means number sense is describe as the process of
estimation, judgment, comparison, rounding, choosing the numbers that helps in
calculating the real facts in easy and in effective manner by using the real
Number sense gives a way of understanding the things quickly by thinking of the pre
images or pre calculations as they helps a lot in fast calculations.
For example a number six which shows on a dice as two groups of three dots means
three puts three become six. This type of calculation in mind helps the children to
maximize their memory power.
Number sense includes several concepts defined as:
1: Estimating helps in real approximations of facts
2: Judging the degree of accuracy
3: Rounding the large numbers
4: Measurement degree of facts
5: Comparison measurement

So these are some concepts that follow in good number sensing. This helps in
increasing the memory power with the speed of calculation power. It can understand
by a fact that a thing which is seeing is much more understandable than a thing which
is counted or calculated. It helps the students in three ways as follows:-
* It helps the students to pick a new strategy.
* Helps the teacher to find the type of thinking that is used and also the level of
difficulty that is selected.
* Helps the persons to learn according to their own thinking.
For example a three digit number like 543 is more understandable if we divide it in
two parts as 500 and 43. To divide the problem into different segment that overcomes
the complexity of mathematical problem into a simpler manner are known as the
concept of number sense.
Through the whole discussions which are held above, we can say that number sense
is necessary part for the prime education of children.
Many of the researches are held - on by the various institution and they find that
number sense is an important elementary tool for the children and this should be
included in the mathematics subject of kids.
We can describe the concept of number sense as an analog as important to
mathematics learning as phonemic awareness that can be used in the reading
research field.

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