Object Lesson - Candy Corn Choices

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Object Lesson
- Candy Corn

Candy corn is the top-selling
Halloween candy and the most
talked about candy during
Halloween, but it is also talked
about as the worst candy for you.
Candy Corn isn't real corn. It is
almost pure sugar - a sweet
imitation of the real thing which
isn't good for us in any way. So it's
good, but it's bad. How do we
decide what things are good for
us in our Christian life? The most
difficult decisions are often not
between what is good and bad,
but between what is permissible
and what is beneficial to us.


Candy Corn Games
Candy Corn Cluckers - Fill a bowl
with dried corn kernels or peanuts
and add several pieces of candy
corn. Blindfolded youth must
retrieve the candy corn from the
bowl within a designate amount of
time without eating the dried corn
kernels / nuts. The teen that
retrieves the most candy corn in
the designated time limit wins.

Candy Corn Pitching - Youth take
turns pitching ten to twenty
candy corn kernels, one at a
time, into a bowl from a set
distance. You might choose to
have various bowls of different
sizes and at different distances.
Display the points based upon
difficulty. Keep score of how
many kernels end up in the
various bowls. The winner is the
youth with the highest score
after three rounds.

Odds or Evens - Each player starts
out with the same number of candy
corn kernels. Players rotate about
the room pairing up with others.
When they find a partner, one youth
hides a few kernels of candy corn in
his hand. The other youth must
guess if the number of corn kernels
is odd or even. If guessed correctly,
the player can add the kernels to his
own collection. Youth take turns
hiding and guessing, until one player
has all the corn or until a specified
time limit! [With this game the
candy corn can get a little messy to
avoid the mess use individually
wrapped mints or other candy.]

Candy Corn Drop - Have the youth
stand on a sturdy chair or other safe
elevation and drop the pieces down
into a person's mouth who is lying
on the floor. The youth who gets the
most candy corn into the person's
mouth in a given time frame wins.
Candy Corn Hunt - Fill small plastic
bags with candy corn and hide them
throughout the yard. Send players
out into the yard to find the bags
until every bag has been claimed.
You may also divide the players up
into groups and see which group can
find the most bags. This game can
also be played inside, or at night
with flashlights.

Candy Corn Toss - Place the
pieces of candy corn into a small
sealed sandwich bag or similar
cellophane bag and have a
"candy corn bag" toss. Number
pails, bowls, or plastic pumpkins,
placing them in a row
perpendicular to A start line, pail
number one being closest. youth
stand behind the line and throw
candy cord bags into each
consecutive bucket. Keep score
or issue prizes for hitting each

Candy Corn Bocce - On a smooth
surface like a table, one youth
acts as the referee, sliding out the
first piece of candy corn. He then
marks this piece with a toothpick.
Contestants take turns sliding 4
different pieces as close to the
referee's mark as they can. The
referee determines which piece is
the closest, awarding that youth
or team a point. Play until
someone gets ten points.

Corny Scramble - Toss handfuls
of candy corn onto a large table
clear of obstacles. Give each
youth a treat bag and make the
scramblers wait until you say
"Boo!" On the signal, the players
must run forward and collect as
many pieces of candy corn as
possible. Once all the kernels
have been picked up, see who
has the most candy in his bag.