Obtaining A White Card Online

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Government has been working on trying to find
ways to make safety regulations and Codes of
Practice consistent in the construction industry
all across the States and Territories. As a result,
understanding and agreements have been
formed. These agreements resulted in the
legislation that became effective January 1, 2012
which allows an individual to obtain a White
Card Online and it be valid across all States and

One of the concerns was that instead of
requiring additional fees and training be
completed for an individual to qualify to work in
another territory, there be one fee and course or
license that would be accepted everywhere. This
would benefit both the individual and employer.
The individual would save on the frustration and
expense of another card while the employer can
rest assured that the employee is aware of the
latest safety requirements in all Territories.

There are many options available for the
individual who wants to obtain a White Card.
There are locations all over where you are able
to have face to face training. There are resources
that can obtained which give you the time and
location the classes will be held. They are either
one day trainings or broken up over a series of
several days. Many prefer classroom training as
it provides the structure and setting that is

Unfortunately, face to face training requires
you to be at a certain place at a given or set
time. This is not always conducive to ones
schedule. Work schedules are not always
flexible which is sometimes necessary.
Additionally, locations may not be convenient

Then you have other individuals whose
schedules do not give them the liberty of face
to face training. Online training is a great
alternative. It is convenient and allows the
flexibility that is necessary.

An individual can go at their own pace based
on the time they have available to devote to
the training. Generally, the course can be
completed within four to six hours if done in
one day. However, the information is broken
down into small components which allow
even the full time worker to be able to
progress a little at a time.

So, obtaining a White Card Online has never
been more convenient. There are lots of
providers that offer the training. It can be
completed in as little as one day or stretched
over however many days necessary to fit a
busy schedule and will be honored across all