Occurrences of the word "subset" in the writings of Peter H. Gleick

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Occurrences of the word "subset" in the writings of Peter H. Gleick

"I propose that at this point it be kept confidential and only be distributed
to a subset of Institute Board and senior staff." (Heartland Faked

And now some other uses in other documents: (Compliments of Hardy Cross)

1. They pick particular years or groups of years; they pick particular subsets of data.

2. This also is more realistic, since water-related deaths primarily occur within this subset
of the population.

3. The REUW study is based on specific measurements from a subset of single-family
housing, while our estimates for 2000 are based on overall end-use estimates for

4. As with the first six volumes, I and my colleagues explore a subset of the many pressing
water issues based on timeliness, urgency, and our own experience and priorities.

5. Monckton testified before a Senate committee in May and presented such outlandish
B.S. about climate that experts (such as John Mashey, Tim Lambert, John Abraham,
and Barry Bickmore, to name a few) spent uncounted hours and pages and pages
refuting just a subset of his errors.

6. As a result, any water quality programme must necessarily choose what subset of
parameters to measure based on expectations, known risks, preferred levels of safety,
and other economic, social, ecological, and political factors.

7. Figure 1. Selected international water meetings held since 1970. This is a subset of all
the meetings associated with some aspect of largescale water problems.

8. Analysts tend naturally to focus on the subsets of the environmental impacts that are
easiest to quantify. In general, occupational impacts are more easily quantified than
public impacts, injuries more easily quantified than illnesses, fatalities more easily
quantified than nonfatal damages, early fatalities more easily quantified than delayed
ones, and direct damages from accidents and effluents more easily quantified than the
indirect damages caused by disruption of biogeophysical and sociopolitical conditions
and processes.

9. Our efforts focus on a subset of the world's critical problems because of our particular
skills and our perception of the priorities that need to be addressed.

10. This also is more realistic, since water- related deaths primarily occur within this subset
of the population. Equation 2 shows this approach, which assumes no additional
international efforts are made to improve access.

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12. Furthermore, this subset includes images of the minimum in sea-ice coverage observed
during the summer 2007, when the extent of summer melt far exceeded the previous
record. Barrow: Images from the Barrow site would support a range of high-profile
research projects in the coastal region at Barrow (Norton, 2001).

13. Furthermore, this subset of the data includes images of the summer 2007 minimum in
sea-ice coverage, a record low that was more than 20 percent below the previous low (in
2005) and nearly 40 percent below the 1979-2000 average minimum (Figure 1.4,
Stroeve et al., 2008).

14. Evaluate the collection of Arctic Ice Imagery Derived Products, a subset of the Global
Fiducial Program data from U.S. National Imagery Systems, and assess their scientific
value and usefulness in furthering the understanding of important climate parameters
and processes.

15. Below: From a Footnote)

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17. After reviewing each of the 120 support resources listed in Appendix A, we identified a
smaller subset of the resources that most closely resembled a comprehensive decision-
making support tool for the WASH sector.

18. This is the sixth volume of The World's Water. As with the first five, my colleagues and I
have chosen a subset of water issues to explore based on timeliness, urgency, and our
own experience.

19. Specifically: not all NAS members were asked to sign. The letter was circulated to a
small subset of National Academy members, over a short period of time - with a focus
on those members and sections with expertise in climatology, hydrology, ecosystems
science, biology, geology, and climate-related fields. Of those asked, the vast majority
elected to sign, including more than a dozen Nobel Laureates.

20. Every few years, a new book comes out purporting to debunk the myth of the world's
environmental problems. These books meet with substantial acclaim from some
members of the media and a subset of analysts who make a career out of promoting
anti-environmentalism or unrestrained economic markets, as though their message is
new and newsworthy.

21. A water program or project may benefit a clearly defined subset of the state's population
(for example, individual water users receiving deliveries from an infrastructure project);
the public as a whole (for example, from fish and wildlife enhancements); or reflect a
combination of public and private benefits.

22. Using the data and assumptions contained in the A&N Technical Services report along
with year 2000 DWR domestic water-use estimates, the Water Plan projects that 2030
NOC and efficiency due to the implementation of a subset of BMPs would decrease per-
capita water demand by about 10% and 5% of 2000 demand, respectively, in the
Current Trends scenario.
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23. Inappropriate Generalization Accusing all of a group of people or arguments or set of
facts as having the characteristics of a subset of that group.

24. Dr. Gleick: There are many different kinds of bottled water. There is a small subset of
water bottlers that make all sorts of claims for what their magic bottled waters can do.
They're magnetical y altered. They're electrically altered.

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