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Create customised OCR exam
materials in minutes
Ideal for revision – saves YOU time

ExamQuest offers a database of past OCR examination questions and supporting material, giving teachers
access to hundreds of past questions, mark schemes and examiner comments to help create assessment
materials across years 10 to 13.
The resource will save hours of time in compiling personalised assessment materials by enabling teachers to
access exam questions relevant to their current specification to create homework, classroom resources, mock
exams and mark schemes. It also gives teachers access to corresponding examiners’ comments so they can
be aware of common errors made by pupils in past exams.
Subjects available on ExamQuest are GCSE and AS/A
“Absolutely love it, a great time save. Using it
Level for Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, ICT
for revision is a perfect way for the students
and Religious Studies.
to progress, and gives them a chance to be
independent in their studies.” Angela Rigby,
In February 2009 Gateway and Twenty First Century
Leighton Park School, Berkshire.
Science suites were released for the Science GCSE’s.
GCSE and AS/A Level Mathematics and ICT have recently been updated. The GCSEs will be updated again
with the 2010 specification for release in February 2010.
For the full list of subjects
available and their contents
please visit the ExamQuest
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It is quick and easy to order;
once you receive your
subject subscription you
can download the software
from our website and be
using ExamQuest in no