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Oh My Friend Tollywood Movie

Oh My Friend is an upcoming Telugu-language musical film written and directed by debutant Venu
The super combination is back again on Telugucinema big screen where they all shaked box-office
records not only in India even in overseas. The movie still stands at the top of the list is "BOMMARILLU"
which was directed Bhaskar and produced by Dil Raju. It was released in 2006 and created wonders that
everyone knows.

Oh My Friend Story is completely on friendship, Music given by Rahul Raj was impressive, Venu Sriram
written and directed. Movie total budget touched 22 crores.

Now Dil Raju and director Venu Sriram teamed with Siddharth and Shruti Hassan to deliver a movie
which is more into youth and bit of family sentiment. OH MY FRIEND is a complete friendship related
movie which goes on the below lines:

1. How a close friend treats nether and how he/she will support their friend.

2. Not only chit chatting and entertainment but also how to build a friend's career. How to be a true
friend by not expecting anything from the other.

Dil Raju revealed the above couple of lines wherein director Venu Sriram took the best friendship and
emotional scenes between two close friends. Lots of expectations are their on this movie as Dil Raju and
Siddharth combination came into live after years.

For the first time in Telugu cinema "OH MY FRIEND" movie has online piracy protection called ORNB's
movie guard. Audio was already out and Rahul Raj gave the best music and fresh tunes.

Expectations are really high on "OH MY FRIEND REVIEW", movie is going to release on 11-11-11. Release
was planned and shooting, post-production work everything done already. Lets wait for couple of days.

Oh my friend movie review

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