Oil Spills, European Market Crisis, and Cash For Gold - What This Means For You

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Oil Spills, European Market Crisis, and Cash For Gold -
What This Means For You
The news recently has been devastating to a Global Economy
trying desperately to climb out of a three-year economic
recession. Recent events have made a significant impact on
world Gold Spot Prices and how this translates to consumers
with precious commodities such as gold, silver, and platinum.
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British Petroleum's disastrous oil platform explosion at the
end of April has led to an uncontrollable leakage of crude oil
into the Gulf of Mexico with plenty of environmental and
economical consequences. Fortunately, crude oil has been at a
surplus for the past several months, but historically the
summer time has always trended for increased oil and
gasoline prices. Before the disaster gas prices were looking so
bad, but now we can predict that the gas price will pick up.
This translates to Gold rising in value also, as gold moves in
accordance with increases and decreases in oil.
The European Bank is facing its toughest challenge yet since
its formation, a complete bankruptcy of one of its Country's
Assets, Greece. What this means for the Euro on Forex
Markets is equally devastating. The once untouchably strong

currency has deflated strongly causing gold's value to jump
across the world in the Asian, European, and NY Stock
Markets as a safer asset regardless of economic state.
Now coming down to it, what to do with gold today? Well if
you are looking for cash for gold opportunities or selling
silver or platinum coins and bullion. Right now is probably
the best time ever and that is because these prices are the
highest the world has ever seen. Even if gold continues to
rise, the smart decision is to sell now rather than bearing all
the risk of gold sinking.
Nick Diamano is an expert cash for gold analyst and author.
Having both a professional business degree and extensive
understanding of financial markets and the jewelry industry,
he specializes in diamond buyer and Gold for Sale.