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So, you are here to play bingo and chase unmatched wins but it seems that
you'l never be able to beat the buddy next to you? Wel , why don't you try
to cut a couple of corners then?
This bingo cheat sheet guides you on how to outsmart your bingo buddies
and score big time simply by fol owing some smart strategies while playing
this already simple game. So, if you want to score high in the game, just
take a look at the cheat sheet we have prepared for you and learn to break
the secret codes with these impressively effective tricks and tips.

If your goal of playing bingo is to see your bank account grow bigger and bigger,
it is indispensable to play on a website loaded with bulky bonuses. Learning how
bonuses can add to your buzz and credits is a vital step on your quest to conquer the
pay table; here are some of the basic aspects you need to learn:
* Al great bingo sites organize a grand bonus reception for the newbies. So, when you
begin your journey by signing-up on a website for the first time, you are usual y wel-
comed with a free sign up bonus. You can use this free bonus money to your advantage
by exploring the various games and offers featured on the site without making a real
money deposit. That's the smart way of assessing the bingo sites based on your needs
without using your hard earned money.
* Find a website that not only fulfil s al your requests but also makes you comfortable
enough to make a real money deposit. Once you do this, you are greeted with another
bonus, usual y cal ed "First deposit bonus". This bonus is usual y fol owed by the chain of
regular bonus re-fil s every time you make a deposit thereafter. Before making your first
deposit, make sure that the website provides this benefit, if not better save your money
for a website that does.your hard earned money.
Redeeming these bonuses is extremely helpful, since it makes your money last lon-
ger thanks to the boost they provide. If you haven't found any bonus-buried site yet,
then let me give you a hint: 123 bingo online is loaded with al kind of bonuses,
keeping your bankrol fed with a consistent free cash flow!

Learning how to play your deposits wisely is a determinant factor for a great, memo-
rable experience. Every dol ar that you earn is precious and so is every dol ar that you
spend in buying bingo cards online! So, there's no fun playing unless you walk away
with at least some winnings in your pockets, isn't it? Then learn how to make the
best of the deposits you make:
* After you deposit and before you begin playing, you need to do a bit of pre-game
planning which includes fixing a particular betting limit per bingo session. Setting a bet-
ting limit simply means pre-fixing the amount of money you can comfortably afford to
spend in a single gaming session. Once you have reached that limit, stop purchasing
cards. That's the safest way of capitalizing your deposits!
* Learn how to play with your winnings in order to duplicate or triplicate them. The
easiest way is to split your winnings into three parts. Save one part to cover up for the
amount you spent in purchasing the bingo cards, pocket the second half as your profit
and stock the third part to purchase more cards. This way you wil not only be able to
save the money you deposited but you wil also be able to pocket some profits.
* Balance the way you bet by raising and reducing the bet value as you win or lose in the
game. Here's how it goes, play the high rol er games as you win and switch to the Cent
or nickel games as you lose. The cost-per-card is comparatively higher and the jackpot-
per-game is substantial y bigger in the highrol er games than the Cent or nickels games.
So, you can continue playing on the highrol er bingo games when you are on your win-
ning streak, but you better switch to the cent or nickel games when you lose three times
in a row. And once you regain your winning momentum again, you can always shift
back to the highrol er games to make big money.
That's the safe and smart way of using your deposits to your advantage and earning
bigger cash rewards while playing online bingo.

To hit it big while playing bingo, it's extremely important to learn how to hit the
nail right on the head when it comes to purchasing cards and playing them. That's
because the number of cards you select to play on and the time you choose to play
holds a very important spot in boosting your odds of winning. Check out how these
factors affect your wins:
* The rule of the thumb is that the more cards you purchase to play, the higher your
chances are of reaching victory. This basical y means that by choosing a big number of
cards to play maximize your chances of winning. To play maximum cards, just click on
the Max Buy button, this button not only buys the cards but also plays the maximum
al owed per game. Wondering how wil you manage to mark so many cards one at a
time? Wel , leave that to the auto-dauber. The auto-dauber wil mark your cards auto-
matical y while you enjoy chatting with other bingo players coming from al the corners
of the world and bagging big bucks on the chat games.
* The golden rule is that the lesser the number of players in the bingo room, the higher
are the odds of scoring a win in this game. That's why most of the experts recommend
that playing late at night is likely to bear more interesting results when it comes to scor-
ing wins. On 123 bingo online, you have the option to choose the room with the lesser
number of players from the multiple rooms featured on the site, helping you to increase
your chances of winning.
* The only exception to this rule is over the weekends. That's because this is the time
of the week when websites are at their best in featuring extensive and lavish deals
and promos. So, if you don't want to miss out the best deals and the great winning op-
portunities, visit your favorite bingo room over the weekends irrespective of the higher
number of players present in the rooms.
So, make hay while the sun shines and play bingo when the probability of winning
is high and when the rewarding opportunities are big in the rooms.

Chat is without a doubt the most-loved feature on the platform of online bingo. But
did you know that besides letting you socialize with other players coming from the
different parts of the world, the chat option also brings great reward winning oppor-
tunities for you? Have a look at how chatting helps you win more in bingo:
* Besides, the regular gaming sessions, the chat monitors also host the lively chat games.
Don't underestimate these chat games just because the rewards they offer may not be
as big as jackpots featured in the regular bingo games. You never know that these small
but crazy chat games may even be the ladder to reach the top jackpot in the game.
How? Wel , whatever rewards you earn on these chat games can be used to purchase
more cards and hence you can play more games. And, as we mentioned before, playing
more games means more chances to hit the jackpots.
* Expertise comes with experience! Experienced bingo players are the ultimate experts
when unfolding the secrets to a successful game. So, befriending them in the chat rooms
wil help you to learn more about different effective tricks as they share their experi-
ences with you over the chat.
So, now you exactly know what to do when the lady luck leaves you with no good-
luck and hence no wins? Wel , just refer to this cheat sheet and beat your bingo bud-
Al said and done, I would like to let you know that 123 bingo online doesn't vouch
for any such tricks and tactics because luck is stil the dominating aspect in the game
of bingo. So, voila! We hope these cheats and tricks work for you otherwise keep but-
tering up lady luck.

These tips and tricks have been used by some of the top players of 123
Bingo Online
. These same players shared their winning secrets with us so
that you can become a top player as wel . If you have other tips, cheats and
tricks you would like to share with your fel ow bingo players, don't hesitate
to share with us.
Hope this have been helpful to you!
The 123BingoOnline Community