Online Casinos: Safe or a Scam?

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Reputable online casinos like Espanol Intercasino are able to provide the best gaming
experience to its customers, however, there are also other online gambling websites that
somehow seemingly make a living of scamming its users. Through the Internet, gambling is
revolutionized and made convenient, however it lacks a personal touch - which should be the
least of your concerns. That said, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding online
gambling, mainly because of its dark beginnings. Well, let's clear this up: are online casinos a
safe way to gamble, or are they scams?
Back in the day, we can't deny that in the early stages of online gambling software, some
companies have tipped their games in favor of the casinos. That said, people who are playing
online lost money by the truckloads, rendering them frustrated. However, this is not entirely
true as some companies have been fair with the games and transactions. As of now, this
problem is nearly nonexistent since most software developers, like CryptoLogic, have made
the fol owing innovations:
They made the games easier to play. Navigating throughout the lobbies and the game
rooms are more convenient, and focused on user convenience.

The graphics have been improved dramatically in recent years, providing users with
an optimum gaming experience. Nowadays, it doesn't matter if you can't crank that slot
machine or throw the dice - the games give a good enough experience.
Data encryption, specifical y 128-bit, which is military grade. Every amount of data or
information you transferred to the online casino is protected from potential third party
threats. This includes your username, password and your credit card numbers
Lastly, the games are checked, regulated and passed by the standards of various
gaming regulatory boards by the governments of the countries that licensed the
Most online casinos today are licensed and regulated by countries like Malta, Gibraltar and
Monaco. That said, these casinos that are proven to be regulated by the governments of these
countries are reputable, given that if there are certain anomalies like them failing to dish out
payouts to huge winners, their operations would certainly take a hit and could certainly start
a major downfall. Gambling sites with no licenses however, are sure to be scams, so be sure to
avoid them!
Methods of payout and deposits
Reputable online casinos use third party money transfers and credit card companies like
PayPal, FirePay and NetTeller. Online casinos that accept third party deposits are safe, given
that you'd be able to cash out any time, depending on their terms and conditions. That said,
online casinos that only accept wire transfers, checks or cold hard cash are absolute scams -
avoid them at all costs.
Based on the facts mentioned above, can we say that online casinos are safe? Yes, we
definitely can, although you have to tread lightly and choose the best and most reputable
casinos on the Internet. You can do so by checking if their licenses are legitimate and check
customer reviews in online forums and local citation websites.