Online Shopping: A Browse and Click Business Model

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Online Shopping: A Browse and Click Business Model

Technological growth and the Internet have paved way for the business houses to venture into a more
vast space, giving birth to the concept of e-commerce. For the techno savvy customer, this has brought in
scope for shopping from one's comfort zone with online shopping portals springing up on the World Wide

Online shopping is the form of electronic commerce that allows customers to buy goods or services
directly from the seller over the Internet. However, this form of business transaction can either be
between the seller and the consumer (business-to-consumer, B2C) or business-to-business (B2B).
Nevertheless, this involves an online shop or web portal for online sales, better known as a web store, e-
store, or a virtual store, which provides the similar atmosphere of buying products and services from its
brick-and-mortar counterparts.

With the creation of the first world wide web browser in 1990, and put into commercial use in the following
year, there has been no looking back. Today there are innumerable online shopping portals offering s
products and services from banking, education, online tutors, music stores, bookstores etc. Further with
the introduction of SSL encryption for online data transfers, and secure payment gateways, one can now
safely buy online gifts to India.

Online shopping is definitely a great way to shop with everything available on the websites. From
clothes, gift items, food, home needs, medicines, and many more, this mode of shopping allows one to
shop conveniently without hassle on spending hours in a supermarket or shopping areas. The Internet
with its wide array of information nooks, allows the customer to go through various reviews of the product
or service before actually heading for purchases. These online shopping websites also have daily deals
for the customer looking for discounts and store offerings.

However, the success of online shopping sites is dependent on loads of information provided for the
virtual shopper. The information load offered in a virtual shopping environment is the product of the
spatial and temporal arrangement leading to motivation factors for the customer and is an important
aspect when compared to conventional shopping. The online shopping experience is enhanced by the
information provided in the light of competition.

Taking cue from the small vendors, leading business organizations and brands have also made their
imprints on the World Wide Web with their e-stores. These web stores offer online shopping customer
the facility to browse through all their product catalog, compare prices and features with their competitors,
offer great discounts than what is available at their brick-and-mortar outlets and have a secure payment

system and also ensures that the product reaches their doorstep.

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