Online Transcription Services Can Help Your Law Firm Function More Efficiently

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Online Transcription Services Can Help
Your Law Firm Function More
By availing of reliable online transcription services,
you can reduce the burden of your office staff and
secure more time to concentrate on your core activities.
This will in turn bring more efficiency to the
functioning of your law firm. Online transcription
services for legal professionals is available for all areas
of law such as family law, human rights, employment,
criminal law, personal injury, and clinical negligence.
Online transcription companies provide accurate transcription of your dictated data
into documents in the format of your choice. Legal transcription services are available
for all kinds of legal documents including motions, briefs, subpoenas, legal pleadings,
testimonies, arbitrations, minutes of meeting, general correspondence, proceedings at
meetings/conferences, mediation briefs, summons, wire tap, depositions, court tapes,
legal examinations, telephone conversations, reports, examinations under oath, jury
instruction, court proceedings, preliminary hearings, memoranda, client tapes, sworn
statements, interviews and more.
Online transcription services can help your law firm function more efficiently by:
* Reducing backlog - online transcription minimizes backlog of work since most
of the firms offer quick turnaround time of 12-24 hours
* Offering 99% accuracy

* Reducing paperwork
* Avoiding overhead on manpower, technology and resources needed to perform
transcription jobs
* Providing enhanced efficiency and productivity
* Simplifying your workload
* Enabling better organization of files
* Allowing you to save on money as well as resources
* Saving on office resources: You can save on hiring and training personnel to do
the transcription job.
* Sending back the transcribed files on time for further processing
* Providing file security and easy organization
* Providing 24/7 access to database and customer service
* Delivering legal documents in the format of your choice
* Offering customized online transcription services
* Considerably reducing the administrative responsibilities of legal practitioners
* Saving your valuable time as well as effort
* Offering easy retrieval of information
* Allowing transfer of audio/video files online
Today, there are several established legal transcription companies that are equipped
with the latest technology and infrastructure. They have a team of professionals
comprising skilled transcriptionists, editors, proofreaders, legal analysts and technical
support staff to provide value added services to their clients.

Providers of online legal transcription services offer convenient dictation options
such as digital dictation machine or toll free number. The transcriptionists record your
legal dictation and deliver the transcribed documents securely and directly to your
desktop. All transcriptions usually go through a three-level quality check to ensure
that they are error-free. You can receive the transcribed documents by FTP or e mail.
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