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Oracle CRM On-Demand Overview1Oracle CRM On-Demand Overview2Oracle CRM On-Demand Overview3Oracle CRM On-Demand Overview4IndustryRobust CoreSolutionsFunctionalityTechnologyFrameworkMultipleHostingOptionsOracle CRM On-Demand Overview5Oracle CRM On-Demand Overview6Oracle CRM On-Demand Overview7Only Oracle delivers multiple pre-built on demand CRMsolutions that provide industry-specific capabilities at theUI, data model, and process levelsFinF anincial anServicesvLifL e if SciencescienReR ferral/lead ma nagementMedical e ducation/evev nts ma nagementHoH usehold/contactc ma nagementCoC mplex x relationship ma nagementFiF nancial p rofiling a nd p ortfolio t rackingMedical f ield s ales p lanning a nd f orecastingCuC stomer a nalysy isHigh TechAutomotiveAsset managementDealer profilingMarketing fund managementVehicle & dealer service managementAccount, contact, & opportunity mgmtRetail and Fleet opportunity managementQuota managementOracle CRM On-Demand Overview8Oracle CRM On-Demand Overview9Oracle Sales ProspectorOracle Sales CampaignsOracle Sales LibraryOracle Deal ManagementOracle CRM On-Demand Overview10