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foldBlast Based Services Solutions. Productivity. Profitability.For contact information please visit our website www.oricaminingservices.comOR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_cover_AW.indd 1fold8/9/09 2:35:43 PMfoldContentsWe understand that successful 01 An Introduction: Orica Mining Servicespartners come together based on 02 Orica Mining Services in EMEAtrust, communication and common 04 Blast Based Servicesgoals. We believe that partnership 05 Technology & Toolsmeans understanding, anticipating 06 Surveying Tools07 Design Toolsand responding to your changing 08 Modelling Toolsneeds and chal enges. Partnership 10 Measurement Toolsis more than providing products 11 Quality Servicesor services. It’s working together 12 Blast Quality Servicesto deliver the blasting outcomes 13 Rock on Ground™14 Advanced Solutionsyour operation needs.15 Advanced Vibration Management™We’re committed to creating solutions that support 16 Rock to Specification™your performance targets and reinforce your position 17 Advanced Blasting Technologies™in the industry. At the same time we’re determined Contact Details18 Stratablast™to deliver the level of service you expect every day. Blast Based Services 19 Sustainable DevelopmentThe way we measure our achievement is through Europe, Middle East & Africayour success.Orica Europe Pty Ltd & Co KG Mülheimer Str. 5, 53840 Troisdorf, GermanyThat’s the real Power of Partnership.Tel +49 2241 4829 1031 Fax +49 2241 4829 3031www.oricaminingservices.comOR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_cover_AW.indd 2fold8/9/09 2:36:20 PMAn Introduction: Orica Mining ServicesOrica Mining services is the world’s leading supplier of commercial explosives, and a pillar of our vision is to improve our customers’ productivity through the application of superior know how.We differentiate ourselves in the explosives market through our commitment to research and development and our technology team is peerless in the industry. Our Blast Based Services team is primed with some of the brightest talent in the global market, enabling our Customers to be on the leading edge of blasting developments.Under our ‘One Voice. One Goal.’ strategy, Orica Mining Services offers a single global product language and a complete range of packaged products, bulk explosives and initiating systems in the industry – ensuring that no matter where your sites are within EMEA or around the world, our people will all be talking the same product language.At Orica we believe that all work related injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents are preventable and we strive to achieve the highest safety, health and environment standards.Orica’s fully owned entity ‘Nitro Consult’ brings additional expertise in vibration, noise and dust control, as well as extensive project design capabilities for urban road and construction projects. Blast Based services 1OR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_text_AW.indd 18/9/09 2:29:53 PMOrica Mining Services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)Orica has an extensive network of manufacturing, distribution and service centres throughout the europe, Middle east, africa and cis. Products are manufactured at strategically located sites.The flexibility of our sea, land and air distribution facilities enables us to respond quickly to changes in demands in this geographically diverse market.Our technical support team includes the largest and most experienced team of blasting technicians in the region and has been maximising blast results for mining, quarrying and construction Customers for over 120 years.Our strong on-the-ground regional presence is driven by the local knowledge of in-country business teams, ensuring we deliver a tailored and rapid response to Customers’ unique needs and conditions.2 Orica MiNiNG servicesOR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_text_AW.indd 28/9/09 2:30:16 PM Blast Based services 3OR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_text_AW.indd 38/9/09 2:30:35 PMBlast Based Servicesthrough our global experience in the mining, contact detailsconstruction and quarrying industries, we understand Blast Based Services that every operation has unique value drivers.Europe, Middle East & AfricaOrica Europe Pty Ltd & Co KG For this reason we have created Blast Based Services (BBS) – a suite of service Mülheimer Str. 5, 53840 Troisdorf, based offerings that reinforce our commitment to supporting the productivity, Germanygrowth, profitability and environmental outcomes achieved by our Customers.Tel +49 2241 4829 1031 We employ some of the brightest talent in the industry and have pioneered Fax +49 2241 4829 3031new technology for more than a century. We are proud to offer this technology directly to our Customers to create compelling value propositions, which www.oricaminingservices.comultimately help them achieve a competitive edge.4 Orica MiNiNG servicesOR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_text_AW.indd 48/9/09 2:30:37 PMOrica invests heavily in innovation. We differentiate ourselves through the application of technical know how and over many years our advanced research and development program has allowed us to offer significant technical capabilities to drive greater value for our customers.The development of innovative products, systems, applications and services assists our Customers to achieve optimum blasting results, cost effectively and safely.Our strength in offering technical capabilities that deliver sustainable value improvements to mining, construction and quarry operations globally underpins our BBS Customer relationships. These relationships allow us to maximise ‘The Power of Partnership’, and build value through trust, communication and working towards common goals.The delivery of BBS is supported by the following four areas of technology and tools:Survey Measurement Orica uses a range of measurement systems for borehole tracking, burden Orica uses a range of measurement systems for the assessment of blast measurement and laser face surveying. These systems can be easily performance such as rock movement, fragmentation and environmental interfaced with existing blast management software.effects like vibration and airblast. We have also developed tools to measure product performance and mine cycle time.Design Orica’s software suite for surface and underground operations facilitates Each of these four classes of technical capabilities are reviewed in the optimised blast design and analysis.following pages.Modelling Orica has developed a wide range of modelling tools for the simulation of blast performance and its environmental impact. Other models focus on mine process and cost optimisation. Blast Based services 5OR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_text_AW.indd 58/9/09 2:30:43 PMSurveying ToolsProfessional planning, control and documentation of the blast pattern is becoming increasingly important for the mining, quarrying and construction industries to control quality and manage risk.Orica uses industry-leading technology for blasthole tracking, burden measurement and laser surveying of blast faces. Knowing the true burden, spacing and depth of the blastholes is essential for a successful blast outcome. It helps to achieve desired fragmentation and throw of the broken rock, optimum control of vibration and airblast as well as minimising the risk of flyrock.Orica engineers are equipped with SHOTPlus®-i Pro, a proprietary blast design package which incorporates a flexible interface for the survey data – acquired with different measurement systems – and offers one platform for design, analysis and documentation. Deviations from the plan are recognised easily. Resulting actions to avoid poor blast outcomes or hazards due to fly rock can be implemented immediately, and reflected in revised loading instructions.6 Orica MiNiNG servicesOR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_text_AW.indd 68/9/09 2:30:51 PMDesign ToolsOrica Mining Services blast design software SHOTPlus®-i is the industry benchmark for designing blasts with pyrotechnical and electronic initiation systems. With simple and flexible features, SHOTPlus®-i enables the design of blasts with visual confirmation of the detonation sequence and a degree of security that has not previously been available. Detailed analysis of tie-in designs is possible prior to any on-bench work being conducted. Examination of burden relief, timing contours and number of holes firing at any one time are examples of the capabilities of this easy-to-use program. In combination with the i-kon™ electronic detonator system, the software offers special download and upload functions from your computer to the i-kon™ Logger(s) and Blaster. The latest advance in SHOTPlus®-i is the incorporation of other operational languages. Apart from the standard language, which is English, the software can also be operated in French, German, Spanish and Swedish offering significant benefit to our local EMEA markets.Specialist application for underground For three-dimensional planning, design and analysis of underground blasts SHOTPlus® UG is unique. It is an initiation design tool, which is designed to accept ring and blasthole descriptions in various electronic formats from mine design packages. SHOTPlus® UG also provides tools to assist the initiation design process for complex electronic timing designs like user defined sectional views, auto priming features based on charge length and hole type specifications.Specialist application for tunnelling For the design of tunnel rounds a specific blast design software named SHOTPlus®-T has been developed. It contains different options to create profiles and cuts or to import data. There are also a number of unique blast design checks available, including the visualisation of the firing sequence, the charge weight per time window and the outbreak sequence. Blast Based services 7OR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_text_AW.indd 78/9/09 2:30:57 PMModelling ToolsBlast performance model ing enables design analysis based on a prediction i-Mining of blast outcomes. Orica Mining Services has a strong suite of model ing Orica’s discrete event simulation software model i-Mining has been applied tools for the prediction of crack propagation, fragmentation, rock effectively to total mine process optimisation. The package combines movement and dilution both in surface and underground applications the geometry, equipment, logic and processes used at a mining operation and for model ing of the environmental impact through blast induced with accurate data and cost structures to analyse total mining costs.vibration and airblast. Other models may be used to simulate and The Value Calculator optimise mining processes and related costs.The Value Calculator is a tool for mapping the value of a process. Orica Orica’s proprietary modelling capabilities are utilised to deliver BBS uses this powerful tool to model the drill and blast costs and assess the outcomes to Customers.downstream performance. The Value Calculator analyses a base case scenario and compares the performance of several alternative scenarios. SHOTPlus®-i Pro By working together with Customers to populate the Value Calculator, Orica’s engineers are equipped with the powerful SHOTPlus®-i Pro design Orica and the Customer are able to identify how changes affect the and model ing package. It can be used to compare different blasting downstream costs of a mining operation. The Value Calculator also serves parameters and examine their impacts on the fragmentation as a Key Performance Indicator tracker for assessing the results of distribution, damage and heave. modified blasts versus the original design. SHOTPlus®-i Pro also incorporates a sophisticated vibration and airblast prediction model based on a statistical Monte Carlo simulation. The environmental impact of any blast design can be modelled and optimised for specific points of interest.Mechanistic Blasting Model The Orica Mechanistic Blasting Model (MBM) predicts the interaction between explosives and a rock mass. This allows a comparison of explosive types and changing geology in estimating crack propagation, damage to the remaining rock, fragmentation and rock movement.Distinct Motion Code Distinct Motion Code (DMC) is a model used to predict material movement and dilution. DMC can be used to model resultant muckpile movement given the use of differing explosive products, patterns and borehole diameters or to model the effects of stemming or bench height on ore dilution and lift. Geological properties can also be modelled. DMC models can be calibrated with real blast outcomes.8 Orica MiNiNG servicesOR2134_EMEA_BBS_brochure_text_AW.indd 88/9/09 2:30:59 PM