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Exam : HP0-P14
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nning & Design of HP
Integrity Server Solutions
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
1. Click the Exhibit button.
Which HP Integrity server blade is shown in the exhibit?
A. Integrity BL860c
B. Integrity BL870c
C. Integrity BL870c i2
D. Integrity BL890c i2
Answer: D
2. Your customer has asked you how HP virtual partitions compare with IBM virtual partitions. What can
you tell the customer about the problems IBM has with its virtual partitions?
A. With IBM Virtual I/O (VIO), I/O partitions constitute a single point of failure.
B. AIX and POWER blades do not support virtual partitions.
C. IBM servers cannot manage virtual partitions and hard partitions with the same management software.
D. IBM partitioning dedicates I/O to each virtual partition, which results in slower I/O performance.
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
Answer: A
3. Core-to-core and core-to-I/O hub communication enables scalability in large multiprocessor systems
and increases capacity for I/O-intensive applications, such as transactional enterprise databases.
Which feature of Itanium processor 9300 series quad-core processors accelerates this capability?
A. Intel Scalable Memory Interconnect
B. Intel QuickPath Technology
C. Intel 7500 Scalable Memory Buffer
D. Intel Turbo Boost Technology
Answer: B
4. The Itanium processor 9300 series delivers higher performance at peak workloads by increasing
voltage and frequencies beyond rated values without exceeding the processors thermal design power
Which Itanium processor 9300 series feature delivers this capability?
A. event-switched Hyper-Threading
B. demand-based switching
C. Intel QuickPath Technology
D. Intel Turbo Boost Technology
Answer: D
5. Which applications will benefit most from porting from 32-bit to Itanium 64-bit processors? (Select two.)
A. web services
B. floating point calculations
C. very large databases
D. online transaction processing
E. mission-critical applications
Answer: BC
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