Overactive bladder treatment

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Different Options for Overactive Bladder Treatment
Looking for overactive bladder treatment is quite tricky for people suffering such
illness. Dealing with overactive bladder poses a major impact in life. It is because
this kind of illness hinders a person going on vacations that require long travel and
even doing simple things like going out for dinner. Overactive bladder triggers at a
wrong time in such a way that it embarrasses you. This is the reason why people
suffering from overactive bladder miss out some valuable time with their family
and friends. Fortunately, nowadays there are many ways to fight the problem such
as medication and doing behavioral changes. Consulting your health care provider
can help rule out the issue and at the same time, determine the appropriate
overactive bladder treatment.
Natural Overactive Bladder Treatment
1. Bladder training - One of the most common overactive bladder treatments is the
bladder training. This treatment does not require medication, but instead it involves
training in changing the manner of using the bathroom. This is done by controlling
the urge by waiting for few minutes. As you progress with the bladder training you
can increase the duration of waiting time.
2. Pelvic floor exercise - This is another overactive bladder cure that is effective. It
is not enough to strengthen other parts of the body. It is because if you are
suffering from overactive bladder you should also strengthen the muscles
responsible for urination. The pelvic floor exercise is called Kegels that is done by
holding, tightening and relaxing the muscles. This overactive bladder treatment is
done by starting and stopping the urine flow. Aside from pelvic floor exercise you
can also use another method of overactive bladder cure through electrical
stimulation. In this method small electrical pulse are send to the vaginal or rectal
area via electrodes.

Drugs Used For Overactive Bladder Treatment
Contraction of the muscles responsible for urination at the wrong time is the main
cause of overactive bladder. Aside from the natural treatment your doctor may also
prescribed drugs that can prevent worsening the problem. Anticholinergics are
drugs that block the nerve signals responsible for bladder muscle contractions.
According to research these drugs used as overactive bladder treatment decreases
the urge and at the same time increases the bladder capacity.
Some of the drugs used as cure for overactive bladder include Darifenacin,
Fesoterodine, Oxybutynin, Solifenacin, Tolterodine and Trospium. These drugs are
tolerable but can cause side effects such as dry mouth. Likewise, using these drugs
for overactive bladder cure can cause blurred vision, constipation as well as
increased heartbeat. In addition, some women suffering from overactive bladder
after menopause are given estrogen. On the contrary, in case of men, they are given
overactive bladder cure that includes medication for high blood pressure called
Herbal Remedies Used For Overactive Bladder Treatment
With the different approaches used in treating overactive bladder, there is no
reason to let the illness ruin your life. There are many treatment options that you
can choose from. If the illness is just starting, you can choose using herbal
remedies. However, before using this option for treating overactive bladder, you
should seek expert's advice so that you can make the right choice.
1. Gosha-jinki-gan - This herbal remedy is recommended by experts for overactive
bladder treatment. It is composed of several herbs that can improve urinary
urgency, nighttime urination and eventually improves quality of life.
2. Buchu - Buchu plant is used hundred years ago for bladder illnesses and kidney
infections. This medicinal plant contains antibacterial, diuretic and anti-
inflammatory properties. It is recommended as overactive bladder treatment
because it nourishes the bladder tissue making it suppler and healthier.
Aside from the above mentioned herbal remedies, there are other herbal
alternatives that you can use for overactive bladder cure. However, never attempt
to use herbal remedies without consulting an expert.

Last Option for Overactive Bladder Treatment
Individuals suffering from severe symptoms of overactive bladder and who do not
respond to natural overactive bladder treatment and medication can opt to getting
surgery. The objective of undergoing surgery is to improve and strengthen the
bladder capacity and reduce the pressure. Aside from the intervention, severe
overactive bladder can lead to bladder removal. This can be the last resort in which
the bladder is removed and small opening is constructed in the body wherein a bag
is attached to collect urine.
Knowing all the possible options for overactive bladder treatment can make you
well-informed. In this sense, it is important to avoid the things that can cause
bladder illnesses. In this way you can save your money for other important things
rather than spending it for overactive bladder cure. In the same manner, having a
healthy lifestyle is the key to obtain healthy bladder. That is why you should know
useful information on how to care for your bladder and eventually prevent
spending big amount of money for overactive bladder treatment.
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