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Hovitaga Report Generator
Boosting SAP report development processes
Executive overview
ABAP developers to quickly create simple reports. Only the OpenSQL query has
to be built, no further ABAP programming is required. The source code of an ABAP
Hovitaga Report Generator is an ABAP add-on that accelerates SAP reporting by program will be generated automatically, along with a transaction code, that
significantly reducing development time. This is achieved with automatic ABAP directly executes the report. The generated report can have a selection-screen and
code generation, which eliminates manual programming of code that is always it displays the data with an ALV grid or ALV tree. Thanks to the standard look and
part of every report but is always different.
feel every authorized user can use the report.
Depending on the generation settings, 200-1000+ lines of ABAP code can be
generated in a few minutes. This can save from a few hours to a day of development
time depending on the complexity of the report.
Reporting is critical from the perspective of the business, since all business
decisions are based on some sort of report. The availability and quality of SAP
reports have a great influance on the efficiency of SAP implementations. Creating
custom business reports is a key area software developers and consultants spend
a lot of time on. Your business can benefit from accelerated ad-hoc reporting with
the use of Hovitaga Report Generator.
Are you frequently requested for reports like "how many products does a customer
order monthly, aggregated by product type", "who are the top 20 customers in Bonn
and which is their favorite product" or simply "how much do we spend monthly on
printing costs"? If so, the Hovitaga Report Generator is the right tool for you!
The Report Generator is a powerful software that helps SAP consultants and

With the standard functionalities of the ALV grid the list can be easily visualized
* You can select from a list which fields would you like to include in the selection
using charts and diagrams, and can be exported to MS Excel for further analysis.
screen as select-options or selection parameters.
This export functionality provides a way to supply business users with live data
* You can select which event handler methods of the ALV grid or Tree would you
from your SAP system for detailed analytics.
like to implement.
* Choose a name and a transaction code for the report.
* You can specify the package name and the transport request for the new objects

Product Highlights
with the standard dialogs.
The Report Generator is built on the top of the Hovitaga OpenSQL
Editor. You not only can generate reports, but you can also instantly test
your OpenSQL queries.
Any OpenSQL query can be built, checked and executed easily, the result
is displayed instantly. User-friendly features help to construct the SELECT
commands as comfortably as possible.
ABAP reports can be generated based on the OpenSQL queries. The report
is created as a standard repository object, it can be assigned to a package and
added to a transport request. The entire source code of the report, the type
and data declarations, the coding of the ALV display, the definition of the
selection screen and the data selection query is automatically generated.
This way developers can spare a lot of time when creating new reports!
The generated source code is fully compliant with the SAP developer
guidelines (naming conventions etc.), it is wel commented and readable,
allowing developers to easily modify or enhance the report by adding further
coding if needed.
You no longer need to manually implement the following code, since all these are
Features in detail
automatically generated with a few clicks:
* definition of selection screens
Report generation
* type declaration
* data declaration
All you have to do for a new report is to build the OpenSQL query which reads the
* programming of the UI (ALV grid or tree)
data from the database. The software will guide you thru the rest of the process.
* declaration of event handler class and methods

* creation of a global structure in the data dictionary or a local structure in the standard SAP report can be generated based on it. The generated report will take over
the field structure of the result set.
You can choose which ALV controlto use:
Robustness - All syntax variations are accepted, without the use of local variables. Group
* class based ALV grid (cl_gui_alv_grid)
functions, subqueries (nested to any level), inner and outer joins are all supported.
* class based SALV table (cl_salv_table)
* class based ALV tree (cl_gui_alv_tree)
Linked Query Assistant - A feature that helps to develop commands with inner and
* function module based ALV grid (reuse_alv_grid_display_lvc)
outer joins. The Linked Query Assistant reads the data dictionary to explore the relations
between database tables. With a few clicks, a join or a subquery may be implemented
Having all the options above, every developer can find the control that is the most automatically, without typing anything.
comfortable for him/her, regardless of age, experience or skill level.
Field Selection Wizard - An efficient feature that provides a way to select the fields
Execution of OpenSQL queries - One of the most interesting features is that the SQL used in a command without manual typing. It reads the table definition from the Data
statement can be executed and the result is displayed immediately. Developers can Dictionary and offers the fields with their descriptions in a list for selection.
test and optimize the SQL query for rapid prototyping, and when the query is ready, a
Commands can be organized into folders within the My Repository - Command
properties may be set for each command (short and long description, link to Business
Object or Application Component, search terms..). Commands can be searched by any of
these properties.

Hovitaga Report Generator runs on SAP 4.6C but some features require SAP
Netweaver 7.00 (aka. 2004s) or above.
The benefits of Hovitaga Report Generator are affecting both the technical people Support and maintenance
and the business people. The business can benefit from a quicker ad-hoc reporting
process. The average time to develop an SAP report will be drastically reduced. The
We provide two levels of support. Standard support makes our customers eligible
sooner the ad-hoc reports are available, the better the business runs.
to receive regular support packages that contain all corrections and improvements.
Customers who choose the premium support will receive every enhancement or
Technical people will also benefit from using the product. ABAP developers and correction immediately without having to wait for the new support package to
SAP consultants don't have to waste time and effort on monotonous work arising
every time, but can concentrate on the business logic of the reports that they be released. The Report Generator can be purchased without any support also, if
As a summary, SAP IT costs can be significantly lowered due to reduction of
development time needed to create SAP reports.
Requirements and installation
The Report Generator is entirely written in ABAP, so it is transparent (not a black-
box development) and integrated into the SAP system. No interfaces needed, no
platform-dependency, no separate IT team to maintain. It does not expose the SAP
system to any access from outside.
Installation is a process of few minutes, since it only consists of importing one
transport with the TMS (Transport Management System). The only additional effort
is to set up the authorizations for the users. Due to the intuitive user interface and
extensive documentation no consulting or implementation project is needed. On
request, we can install the software for you.
To learn more about Hovitaga Report Generator, visit www.hovitaga.com or send a mail to [email protected]
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