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Inevitably, I find myself in a less-than-perfect emotional state at least
once a week. Umm, who am I kidding? Let's say once a day [and that's
being generous].
Between school, work, responsibilities, the future, dating, crafting,
book club, budgeting, etc., I can get myself pretty worked up.
I'm sure you're nothing like that....
Quotes have a way of soothing any kind of ache. When we are crushed,
nervous, angry, worried, or exquisitely happy, there's a quote for that!
There is comfort to be found, knowing that you are not the first person
[and certainly not the last] who experiences these things.
Often, bits of advice or comfort can be found in the quotable words of
some scholar or movie star. I'm not sure what makes these people
necessarily more qualified than others to be quoted, but they are and
we accept it. Generally, they are people with plenty of adventures under
their belts!
Whatever you are feeling right now, in this moment, whether it be the
ultimate bliss or the pits of despair, remember that you are not alone.
Shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow is half as much.
Consider quotes as advise from sages, helping you to navigate
unfamiliar waters. Every adventurer needs a good guide!
"I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have,
beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized
wiser than oneself."
--Marlene Dietrich
As a fan of quotes, there are several handy resources online to find
them. My favorite happens to be The Quote Garden. Find a topic or
individual who speaks to your heart and follow your own North Star!
--Your Plucky Picaroon