Pain and inflammation The Healing Power of Curcumin

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Pain and inflammation
The Healing Power of Curcumin
I’m excited to write this column because
me to attend a conference on curcumin
To your good health,
what I’m about to share with you is
(turmeric) in Delhi, India that was to be
Terry... Naturally
so amazing and almost unbelievable
held in February 2008. So in February, my
even for me. If you haven’t heard of
wife Debra and I spent several weeks in
curcumin, I think what you are about
India. Part of the trip was to visit the
to learn will amaze you as it has me.
totally undeveloped fertile soil of India
Curcumin parallels with many of the past
just on the border of India and Nepal.
discoveries that have changed the world.
95% of the turmeric is grown in this area
Why is curcumin attracting so much
since the climate, soil and elevation is
attention by scientists around the world?
ideal to grow turmeric which has a 6-8%
a hospital and school. We had the
That’s what I wanted to learn for myself.
level of curcumin where most turmeric is
opportunity to visit, eat and share our
I have been researching and studying
around 2-3%. Just a few passionate
dreams with the villagers. Some could
the clinical data on curcumin for the last
scientists (and me) have been
speak a little English. Others spoke a
several years. I have experienced, and
selected to research this extremely high
dialect of Indian that even our Indian inter-
know many other people who have as
quality curcumin. The farmers from the
preter could not understand.
well, the benefits of curcumin for pain and
nearby village who are trying to raise
inflammation. I wanted to learn first hand
their economy have agreed to develop
There are 24 different Indian dialects
so I contacted some of the top scientists
a co-op and a 51% ownership of each
spoken in India. The farmers that we spent
in the world and began a communication
annual crop. These farmers will
time with care, feed and clothe their
with them regarding the science of cur-
now be paid a fair trade price with
families on an annual income of $100.00.
cumin. In December of 2007, they invited
remaining profits being available for
After 10 airflights and hundreds of miles
by Jeep, we toured thousands of hectares
of turmeric, green tea, banana, coconut
Terry and Debra in front of the Taj Mahal, India
and Indian gooseberry plantations. After
10 days we made our way back to Delhi
to attend the scientific conference on
turmeric (curcumin). Two medical doc-
tors and a former Pfizer PhD conducted
the seminar on the healing benefits of
curcumin which they entitled the “The All
in One Solution
”. I will now share with
you the contents of my notes from the trip.
Research on curcumin is exploding with
more than 2,000 scientific reports currently
available and 688 studies done in just the
When in doubt, always consult your physician or
health care practitioner. This column is to provide
you with information to maintain your health.

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The Healing Power of Curcumin Pg. 2
last 4 years. This is because of an extremely
agent that can effectively address all the
potent anticancer properties. They say
wide range of biological activities exhibited
multiple factors in Alzheimer’s disease
it may prove effective for both preven-
by curcumin. Curcumin, containing over
and rheumatoid arthritis. As a cancer
tion and treatment. “Curcumins’ prom-
100 unique molecules, acts at multiple
agent, it is chemopreventative and chemo-
ise is enormous”, said Dr. Bharat
targets and at multiple levels. Curcumin
therapeutic. It can stop the spread of can-
Aggarwal, a professor of cancer
is fast emerging as a cure-all for valid
cer growths, causes apoptosis of malig-
medicine in MD Anderson Hospital in
reasons. Curcumin has demonstrated
nant cells (death of cells) by more than
Houston, Texas. Dr. Kurzrock, also of
healing benefits for most if not all
one mechanism, and prevents angiogen-
MD Anderson Hospital, was extremely
chronic diseases afflicting mankind. It is
esis (the spreading of cancer) and metas-
impressed with the cancer research.
an antioxidant many times more potent
tasis (how a cancerous tumor can spread
“It was clear that this agent (curcumin)
than vitamins E and C. It is a com-
through the body). Whereas the present
was just as potent at killing tumor cells in
plete anti-inflammatory equivalent
day cancer drugs are specific for one
the lab as any experiment drug as I’d
to cortisone and other pain relieving
type of cancer, curcumin has been shown
seen from pharmaceutical companies.”
drugs without the major side effects. It
in preclinical studies to be effective for
is a modulating agent involved in the
virtual y al forms of human cancers.
How and Why Curcumin Works
complex process of inflammation at all
While common chemotherapuetic drugs
unusual y
levels. In heart disease, curcumin can
cause serious side effects, curcumin
activity profile of curcumin arises from
affect all the steps believed to be involved
produces none. Common anticancer drugs
its unique combination of a powerful
in the pathologic process of atherosclerosis.
are immunosuppressive. Curcumin is
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These
an immunorestorer.
two activities are complimentary in all
levels of disease therapy. Modern drugs
common anticancer
fal awful y short of this requirement.
drugs cannot cross
Curcumin’s ability to work on so many
the blood brain bar-
different pathways with its antioxidant
rier. Curcumin can.
and anti-inflammatory properties can
Curcumin exhibits
affect almost every known disease in a
activities similar to
positive manner. In analysis of the 2,000
recently discovered
studies done as of today, curcumin has
drugs such as TNF
positive healing benefits for the follow-
inhibitors (Humira,
ing diseases: Al cancers, particularly
Remicade and Enbrel),
a vascular and endio-
Terry recommends this formula at your
thelial cel growth
local health food store:
factor (VEGF) blocker
Proprietary Complex
750 mg
Curcumin Micronized (Curcuma longa)
Rhizome Extract, phospholipids,
In diabetes it can potential y reverse
factor receptor (EGFR), inhibitors
turmeric essential oil
insulin resistance, the first clinical y
(Erbitux, Erlotinib and Geftinib), and
relevant stage of the disease. It can
the HER2 blocker (Herceptin) minus
Proprietary Complex
375 mg
synthesize insulin similar to diabetic drugs
their toxic side effects. In a host of
Curcumin Micronized (Curcuma longa)
Rhizome Extract, phospholipids,
that are currently used for this purpose.
studies, MD Anderson Hospital research-
turmeric essential oil
Curcumin can be shown to be the only
ers have reported that curcumin has

The Healing Power of Curcumin Pg. 3
prostate, colon, lung, breast, pancreat-
ic, skin and leukemia’s; heart disease,
“It was clear
diabetes, asthma, COPD, psoriasis,
that this agent
Alzheimer’s disease on all levels of its
(curcumin) was
progression, rheumatoid arthritis, inflam-
just as potent
matory bowel disease, al ergies and
at killing tumor
Parkinson’s disease.
cells in the lab
as any experi-

Does this sound too good to be true?
mental drug
Not from what I have learned over the last
as I’d seen from
several years and absolutely confirmed by
the scientific seminar that Debra and I
attended in Delhi India. As mentioned
above, curcumin contains 112 known
Dr. Bharat Aggarwal
molecules and probably several hundred
more. Most chronic diseases are multi-
factorial and a disease modifying drug
(turmeric), a food that has been consumed
meric. The next step by scientists was
should address all these simultaneously.
for 5,000 years, has the greatest effect
to discover a method to increase the
Modern drugs can target only one of such
on overall health than any other known
absorption of curcumin. This has been
factors, and therefore, doctors have to
natural substance based on the clinical
the only negative or dark side of the
rely on polypharmacy (several prescrip-
studies to date. An important aspect of
research surrounding curcumin until now.
tions) and that’s the rule rather than the
the usefulness of curcumin in all these
Curcumin has a powerful effect throughout
exception. For example, current practice
applications is its complete safety and
the stomach and intestinal tract because
guidelines recommend the routine use of
non-toxic nature.
it works similar to a band-aid. It has
several cardiac medications in hospital
direct contact to the inflamed and
survivors of acute coronary infarction.
Nothing is Perfect
irritated tissues so it has been
Aspirin, alpha blockers, angiotensin
The dark side of the curcumin story is
extremely effective in Crohn’s disease,
converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and
its poor systemic availability due to poor
colitis, irritable bowel and ulcers.
lipid lowering drugs (statins) are
absorption from the intestines and rapid
Researchers hypothesized that cur-
metabolism of the compound in the body.
cumin could be one of the most pow-
patients. In the year 2005 only 58%
This has largely curtailed its progress
erful, chemopreventative and chemo-
survived this therapy. While all drugs are
from the lab to the clinic. No clinical
therapeutic compounds. Increasing
studied extensively, there have been no
trials have progressed beyone the Phase
the absorption of curcumin so that it
studies to prove their safety when used
I stage. All these have lead to the general
would reach the cellular level throughout
in a combination with other drugs. When
impression that curcumin’s benefits are
the body became a major priority by
several drugs are used together there
largely unrealized in the human body.
researchers in India.
could be an increase of toxicity just
From the daily consumption of turmeric

waiting to happen. Curcumin has been
by the Indian culture for 5,000 years has
Making Curcumin Perfect
found beneficial in so many disease
shown their rate of disease is many times
There are numerous studies confirm-
conditions because of its ability to act
lower than in western cultures which
ing that curcumin has an amazing range
at multiple targets and at multiple levels.
led researchers to begin their studies on
of bioactivity against a wide range of
It would be safe to say that curcumin
curcumin, the active component of tur-
illnesses. Many studies have also demon-

The Healing Power of Curcumin Pg. 4
strated that curcumin is safe even at very
Through a proprietary patented process,
and physicians to have a curcumin
high dosages. So what’s the problem?
researchers have bound curcumin to
extract that wil have the high-
As it turns out, curcumin isn’t rapidly
phospholipids blended with turmeric
est medicinal value. The most effec-
absorbed in the human body, which makes
essential oil and then micronized which
tive way to al eviate pain and
bioavailability an issue.
creates a curcumin that is not only
inflammation is to combine curcumin with
better absorbed but is absorbed 8-10X
boswel ia, another powerful anti-inflam-
For example, I have described how cellular
(times) more effectively than cur-
matory Indian herb. This should also be
studies have clearly shown that curcumin
cumin 95%. This curcumin extract has
combined with dl-Phenylalanine (DLPA)
can directly kill cancer cells. However,
also been shown to be 7X (times) stron-
for its feel good antidepressive and
if curcumin can’t do that in the human
ger than the curcumin piperine combi-
pain relieving effects with its enhanced
body, we have a substance that is virtually
nation. It’s true that the sum is greater
endorphin activity. Nattokinase is also
useless. Bioavailability has been the key
than the individual parts. Researchers at
important because it improves blood flow
obstacle to performing human clinical trials.
the M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston,
to the inflamed areas and reduces the
We really need more human clinical trials
Texas have experimented with a dosage of
possibility of blood clots.
if something is to have broad appeal and
8-12 grams of curcumin 95% for a variety
help a wide range of people.
of diseases. This requires the subject
Terry’s Comment
to take 16-24, 500 mg capsules. The
“It’s obvious that I believe a concentrated
An interesting part of the curcumin story
specialized curcumin with phospholip-
curcumin extract can help al eviate
is that animal studies show desired results
ids with its 10 X potency delivers the
suffering and prevent il ness. I believe
even at small dosages. This is because
equivalent of 4,000 mg per a 500 mg
it wil be one of the most significant
there are major differences between
capsule, or the equivalent of 85,000 mg
natural healing discoveries of our time,
animals and humans in the metabolism of
of turmeric or approximately 3 ounces,
but this is not to say that this is the
many substances. Therefore, the question
therefore, reducing the dosage to 1-3,
magic bullet for which we have longed
of curcumin absorption remains unclear.
500 mg capsules to obtain the same
for. Curcumin must be used responsibly
level of curcumin systemically. This is a
as a supplement to a healthy diet, health
There is no denying that considerable
huge scientific discovery in the delivery
promoting lifestyle and a quality dietary
metabolism of curcumin occurs in the
of curcumin.
supplement program. As part of this
body after ingestion. There have been
potent wel ness plan, curcumin can
some attempts to increase curcumin’s
What to Look For
provide powerful support to anyone
bioavailability. Some researchers have
With 40 years of experience in the health
desiring optimal health.”
isolated curcumin analogs or sub-particles,
food industry, I have had the privilege to
All ingredients established in human studies for safety
such as demethoxycurcumin. However,
develop more than 300 nutritional
and effectiveness. Does not interfere with stomach, liver
in most cases, the entire curcumin mole-
formulations. With any nutritional sub-
or kidney function.
cule with its 100-plus known constituents
stance, quality and absorption are the
is proving to be more active.
only factors that make a difference
between a highly effective formulation
Some researchers have found that blending
as opposed to one that wastes time and
piperine with curcumin has increased
money and jeopardizes your health. This
absorption. However, a more effective
new form of micronized curcumin with
method has been discovered in India and
essential turmeric oil and bound to
is now available in the United States.
phospholipids will now allow scientists