Pan American Metals of Miami says Markets Showing Relief After Greece Gets Further Bail Out

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Pan American Metals of Miami says Markets Showing Relief After
Greece Gets Further Bail Out
(1888PressRelease) News that the European Union would take further steps to support the Euro
and help Greece caused many investors to breathe a sigh of relief.
(1888PressRelease) MIAMI, FL - The world breathed a collective sigh of relief today as
the news broke that Greece would receive further bail out funds and Chancellor Merkel
had succeeded in persuading her coalition government to support Greece, allowing the
euro to survive, for now at least.

It remains to be seen how gold prices will react to the news though a stronger euro does
equal a slightly weaker dollar, generally supportive to gold. It is worth remembering
that gold, in company with other precious metals bullion, is not susceptible to debt
crises such as we have seen in the US recently and are still seeing in Europe. Gold and
silver do not have debts; they are pure assets and still deserving of safe haven status.
Despite the metals' recent volatility, they are still stable compared with many other
assets, especially fiat currencies.

"Macroeconomic factors still strongly support a further rally in gold," says Bill Hionas
of Pan American Metals of Miami. "Even if the European crisis is averted for now, we
still expect to see a strong rebound."

Although there is relief at the outcome of the European situation, just as there was relief
at the outcome of the US debt crisis, we should consider that these solutions are short-
term; politicians are basically authorizing themselves to throw more money at debt
issues, hardly a sound long-term solution.
Precious metals bullion, like any commodity, is also subject to the laws of supply and
demand. Supply is limited and mining is costly; demand, on the other hand, remains

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