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Is Surgery The Only Way To Rejuvenate Looks?
Many patients' necks look bad because of dry skin. Using an
appropriate moisturizer may often improve the appearances
of the neck. The cords in neck may make the muscle
movement very active. Botox or Dysport could be of great
help here as they may relax the muscles in the neck and make
the neck appear smoother. Besides, Botox and Dysport, other
non-invasive procedures may include Fraxel, Thermage and
Ulthera. Before undergoing any of these procedures, the
patient should speak to their doctor, because the doctor may
have their preferences and personal experiences as to which ones work and which one should the
patient choose.
Liposuction may be performed with local anesthesia and mild sedation, as an outpatient
procedure. If there are muscle bands along with excess skin, the patient may need to have a full
neck lift in Beverly Hills with bigger incisions that may need to be extended behind ears to
access and treat major gobbler.Finally, if all else fails and there is too much excess skin for a
neck lift, the physician may suggest the patent to undergo a facelift in Beverly Hills alongside.
However, facelift may be expensive, time consuming, and require some recovery time. So, the
patient may start looking for non-surgical alternatives that may give similar appearance.
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One such method is skin tightening that is performed by lasers. Here, there is no cutting, no
scarring, and no pain medicine required. The doctors may use lasers to resurface and tighten the
layers on the outside of the skin, so that the patient is left with less wrinkles and age lines. It can
leave with some temporary discoloration and some extra sensitivity on the skin right after
treatment, but these side effects usually disappear within a couple of weeks. Another method is to
have injections such as Botox.Botox is used to treat wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, and
Juvederm, is used to fill any wrinkles that have formed around the nose and mouth.
Anon-surgical face lift that the patientmay have performed is the micro-current. This is an
inexpensive method where an electric current is gently applied to areas of the face to stimulate
the natural reaction of the skin cells leading to natural exfoliation and rejuvenation. The
procedure tightens the face muscles, reduces the amount of sun damage to the skin, and improves
the overall appearance of the skin. Patients with thinner or more sensitive skin may be good
candidate for creams and other natural wrinkle reducing products. These products usually contain
skin tightening ingredients such as alpha hydroxy and can be put on skin at home.

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