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A Review Of The Apple iPhone 5 Specifications

It is widely anticipated that Apple's newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5, will be launched in
October. The imminent launch has got a lot of rumors floating around about the design and
specifications and everyone wants to be the first to know!
iPhone 5 will have a tough time keeping up with the success of iPhone 4. iPhone 4 had initial
reception issues; however since then it has been selling pretty strongly as evidenced by the sales
of Verizon and AT&T, the two carriers currently offering it.
It should be said that the iPhone 5 specifications are rumored to be pretty impressive. Hence it
might be well worth the wait in case you are planning on picking up an iPhone.
It is stated that much care has gone into the iPhone 5 design to make it pretty unique. One of the
first rumors states that iPhone 5 will take the shape of a great teardrop, thereby making it the
slimmest iPhone till date. It is also speculated that Apple will replacing the glass back that featured
in iPhone 4 with a more sturdy and lasting aluminum instead.
Many of the Android phones these days make use of a dual core processor, and it will be no
wonder if Apple's iPhone 5 follows suit. It is rumored that Apple iPhone 5 will make use of a quality
A5 processor, the same that is used in iPad 2. This important upgrade will no doubt help the
iPhone 5 for operating on a much faster and broader scale.
It is believed that Apple iPhone 5 will be sporting an 8.0 megapixel camera having a dual flash.
This is definitely an enhancement to the better compared to the 5.0 megapixel camera sported by
iPhone 4. iPhone 5 can now compete with many Android phones when it comes to the camera
One another great feature anticipated in iPhone 5 will be the iCloud. iCloud offers the users the
facility to store their pictures, music and any other data in a virtual cloud. This enables the phone's
memory capacity to be free for other applications. It is believed that 5GB of cloud space would be
provided free for all the iPhone users, and it is possible to get increased storage by paying an
annual fee.
iOS 5 is yet another great feature offered by iPhone 5. iOS 5 is reportedly expected to be a
revolutionary operating system that will completely transform the iPhone. It will include Newsstand
and iMessage and as well improve the system for notifications, thus not interrupting you when you
are busy working on something in your phone. It is no wonder that users will relish these features.
iOS 5, incidentally, also works on the 3GS and iPhone4 models.
And here is one of the most speculated things about iPhone 5 - it is strongly rumored that iPhone
5 is a SIM-less device. iPhone 5 is reportedly manufactured with multiple internal antennas. This
would allow users across the world to use iPhone 5 in both the CDMA wireless or GSM network.
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