Pergola Design Ideas

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Deciding to purchase or build a pergola for your home is an exciting experience. A pergola will add
a special element to your home whilst also adding more value to the house when it comes time to
sell. Putting a pergola in your garden will bring an air of tranquility to the area and provide a
special space for people to gather. There are many pergola designs available or you can design
your own if you are experienced. When choosing a pergola design you should consider several
factors including:


Pergolas can be as extravagant as you can afford. They can also be simple yet stylish without
breaking the bank. If you are building it yourself then your pergola can be built for under $500. You
could also choose to pay $4000 for a contractor to design and build your pergola. It totally
depends on how much you wish to spend.


Try not to build your pergola near any utilities that are underground. You may also need to find out
if there is any piping or other obstructions in the prospective location of your pergola.

Sun position

This is an important factor especially if you think you will use the pergola at certain times of day.
Do you want it to catch the morning or afternoon sun? Do you want a lot of shade? Consider also
the roofing in regards to shade.


Wood is the cheapest material to use (well depending on what time of wood!). It will obviously
need to be waterproofed and pressure treated. Other materials to consider building your pergola
from include vinyl or aluminum.


It is vital to draw out the size of the pergola before starting. Make sure it fits well in your garden
and does not cause an obstruction. Mark the pergola on the ground as well as measured on


Many pergolas are round however it is cheaper to build a square or rectangular shape due to there
being less manipulation of the materials to get rounded edges. You can also make a triangular
pergola if you wish! Hexagonal is also becoming a popular pergola shape as it looks round but is
easy to create.

Pergolas are a fantastic focus point for the garden so consider that when choosing a position for
you. There is little point having a pergola tucked up the back of the yard or garden. Instead make it
the defining feature when you walk outside. Decorating the area with pot plants is a great idea to
liven up the space.

Eric Littleton is a carpenter, gardener and all-around handyman who enjoys helping people with
their home improvement projects. A pergola is a beautiful addition to your garden and does not
need to be difficult to build yourself. Find pergola plans in a variety of sizes to fit your space and
budget at

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Discover How To Build Your Own Pergola This Weekend Even If You Have Never Built Anything
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